Video Conferencing


We sit here in front of these luminescent windows, electronic portals to an infinite number of potential encounters, insulated and protected by their coveted veil of anonymity.  With the onset of the 21st Century, a new age in the evolution of communications is upon us.  One need not go further than the desk in one's bedroom upon which sits an electronic window to an infinite world.  Through this medium and with the assistance of a tiny electronic eye perched on top of one's computer, all types of erotic enjoyment is as immediate as the speed of electrons. 

It began with Cornell University's experimental programming with video conferencing.  It was the intentions of its builders to bring families that live apart together and circumvent the time and travels required for business meetings.  It was called Cu-SeeMe (pronounced "see-you-see-me"). and it allowed the participant to select approximately seven screens out of a list of 20 or so of other participants to be seen on one's screen in a manner that brought memories of the introduction to the Brady Bunch.  These were live video feeds of other participants, and the participant could also be seen.  But two things happened that shocked Cornell.  The first was the lightening speed at which it caught on and was overrun with users.  The second was the nature for which this medium was being used.  The vast majority of usage was for sexual encounters.   And it made sense in retrospect.  Most people harbor some degree of desire to be either a voyeur or an exhibitionist and this forum now allowed people to connect with other people in other parts of the world...people they did not know, and did not have to ever see again.  People that could not know their true identity and the likelihood of an accidental real life encounter was next to impossible.   It gave people the opportunity to instantly explore their visual fantasies and desires with others.

Other servers got into the business, including Microsoft's Netmeeting, ICUII, iVisit, VDOphone and a host of others.  They varied in the manner in which people connected.  Some were communal with group video chats, others were private, one-on-one.  

And a new era is upon us.  An exhibitionistic couple that wanted to be watched while making love need only turn on their bedroom lights, focus their video camera on their bed, turn on the computer,  log on and voila.  They now had dozens of eyes of people from all over closely observing their every move...groups of people from all over the world were now in their bedroom watching.   A housewife could take a break after putting the kids down for a nap and dance naked in front of the camera for numerous hungry eyes, often men at work, or at least pretending to be working.  And rather than laying down and masturbating alone before sleep, a guy could turn on the lights and computer and invite a girl he meets on the server to watch him and share the experience instead of doing it alone.

Unfortunately, video conferencing for sexual purposes has a very high ratio of male participants.  One reason is no doubt the high number of men seeking quick satisfaction for their libido as opposed to the women.  However, a more important reason is the unfortunate aggressive and selfish attitude of certain men that do not care about the needs of women or respecting them, and either flash women constantly without an invitation, or harass the women into exposing themselves.   If it weren't for this  type of obnoxious males, more women would participate.  Hopefully, the servers will begin to permanently ban these participants making video conferencing a much more fun environment.


Current Video Software

Following is the most prominently used video software and the respective links.

CU-SeeMe v1.0
CineVideo/Direct CU-SeeMe is a project of Cornell University for audio and video conferencing over the Internet.
Users can either connect directly to each other or they can enter a conference at a reflector.
Color video and now, view up to 24 participant windows simultaneously.
Available for PC, Mac, Linux and Amiga.
Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe v 1.0 user's guide and the CU-SeeMe Network.

CineVideo/Direct v1.20

CineVideo/Direct CineVideo/Direct can be use with or without Cinecom's directory server.
Full-Duplex audio, color video, text chat and VOD (video on demand).

FreeVue v1.04

FreeVue B &W video, audio, chat, multipoint video conferencing, on-line web directory, FreeVue broadcasting.
Philip Rosedale created FreeVue and joined RealNetworks in 1996.
No longer available.

CUseeMe Networks CUseeMe v3.1.3 (build 004)

CUseeMe Networks-CUseeMe CUseeMe Networks (White Pine) has taken over the commercialization of CU-SeeMe and has developed enhanced CUseeMe.
Directory service, contact list, multipoint video conferencing (up to 12), IP or email call, phone book.
H.323 interoperability (when connected to a CUseeMe Conference Server).
Available for PC and Mac.

CUseeMe Networks CUseeMe Pro v4.0.1 (build 18)

CUseeMe Networks-CUseeMe Pro Full color video, audio, multipoint video conferencing (up to 12), directory service, favorites list.
Point to point H.323 compliance, fully detachable UI components, full screen mode.
Integrated application sharing, whiteboard, and file transfer through NetMeeting.

VidCall v5.87d

VidCall Scalable video, audio (TCP/IP, Internet and PSTN), LAN multipoint conferencing (up to 10).
Text chat, whiteboard, phonebook, file transfer, audio/video mail, image viewing and capture.
No longer available.

VDOPhone v4.0b1

VdoPhone Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, quick note, photo album, business card.
Web based on-line directory (clubVDO) and new A/V control panel.
Professional version supports PSTN (H.324 standard) call.
No longer available.

Connectix VideoPhone v3.0

Connectix VideoPhone Audio/video conference over PSTN (H.324 standard), ISDN, LAN and the Internet.
Chat, file transfer, phonebook, directory service, password protection, IP multicast broadcast.
No longer available.

Dwyco video conferencing system v2.91b

Dwyco video conferencing system Full-Duplex audio, color video, public & private chat, file transfer, call screening.
Zap message system (send and receive video/audeo/text messages), public & private conference rooms.
Directory services and multipoint video conferencing support.
Freeware, but Aureate enabled.

AudioVision v2.0

AudioVision Audio/video conference over the Internet, Intranet or PSTN (H.324 standard).
Full-Duplex audio, color video, whiteboard, video mail and video answering machine.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.
No longer available.

HoneyCom v4.0

HoneyCom Full-Duplex audio, color video, text chat, shared image, shared whiteboard, file transfer, business card.
Meeting room server, public and private meeting rooms, instant message with video snapshot (MiniMe).
A gateway for LAN users, multipoint video conferening (up to 3) support.
No longer available.

Intel Video Phone v2.2

Intel Internet Videophone Full-Duplex audio, color video, on-line web directory, speed dial, direct dial and H.323 proxy support.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.

SoftFone v3.0

SoftFone Full-Duplex audio, color video, mutiple calling, answering machine and voice mail.
No longer available.

VisionTime IVP v3.02

VisionTime IVP Audio/video conference over the Internet, Intranet or PSTN.
Whiteboard, file transfer, capture remote images, scanner capture and video mail.
No longer available.

MS Widows NetMeeting v3.01 (4.4.3396)

NetMeeting Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard (T.126), file transfer (T.127), speed dial, directory servers.
Application sharing (T.128), remote desktop sharing, host a meeting, secure call, gatekeeper/gateway calling.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.
NetMeeting Zone and Meeting by Wire.

CamWiz for NetMeeting v3.10

CamWiz Multipoint video conferencing and still images in conjunction with NetMeeting.
It allows multiple video windows (up to 6) for NetMeeting.
No longer available.

Internet Phone v5.01 (build 200)

Internet Phone Full-Duplex audio, color video, PC-to-Phone communication, community browser.
Multiparty audio conferencing, chat, voice mail, whiteboard, file transfer, on-line web directory.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.
Available for PC and Mac (no video yet).

WebPhone v4.02

WebPhone Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, personal directory, PC-to-Phone calling.
Caller ID, call conferencing, speed dial, video snapshot and online/offline voice mail.
Four lines with call holding, muting, DND and blocking.
ITU standard H.323 v2 compliant.

IRIS Phone v3.0

IRIS Phone Full-Duplex audio, color video, searchable white page, phonebook, user photo and info display.
Multi user conferencing (up to 5), multiple call handling, whiteboard, file transfer.
Record conversations, answering machine, audio/video mail, black list and more.

GatherTalk v1.6

GatherTalk Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, multiparty voice conferencing, phonebook.
Directory service, answering machine/voice mail, email/IP user call, Net-to-Phone ready.
No longer available.

PIRCH 98 v1.0.1.1190

Pirch 98 IRC client with video conferencing (PirchVdo).

Visual IRC v2.0pre5

Virc IRC with voice chat and video conferencing.
B &W video.

Wintronix XtX v1.4c

Wintronix XtX Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, snapshot, address book.
Directory service, audio/video recording, speed dial and video mail.
It supports multipoint video conferencing (up to 10).

HoneyQ v1.6

HoneyQ An ICQ video & voice conferencing companion for Win 95/98/NT4.0
Full-Duplex audio, color video, scalable video image (320x240 & more), shared whiteboard.
File transfer, frame capture, business card, URL send, instant message, HoneyQ's online list.

iVisit v2.5b4

iVisit iVisit is a video conferencing software similar to CU-SeeMe.
Tim Dorcey, who created CU-SeeMe has now created iVisit.
It supports multipoint video conferencing without a reflector and you can make your own conference.
Available for PC and Mac, NAT support.

FreeWebFone v3.3

FreeWebFone Full-Duplex audio, color video, voice and video mail, receive web broadcasting, user location service, Netscape plug-in.
Available for PC, Linux and Mac (no video yet).

ICUII v4.84

ICUII Full-Duplex audio, color video, real-time chat, quick message, welcome message.
Directory services, watch pals, small text message in video screen, email/IP user lookup.
Available for PC and Mac.

LiveWorld v0.22

LiveWorld Color video add-on for WorldChat (Aureate enabled).
Quick chat, private chat, user profile, send picture, play sounds, URL and file transfer.

IBM BambaPhone v0.21

BambaPhone Full-Duplex audio, color video, detachable remote video, numeric dial pad, speed dial, Zoom.
Network speed selection buttons (LAN, 28.8, 14.4), partial compliance to the H.323 standard.
No longer available.

EasyAxess v1.30

EasyAxess Audio/video conference over PSTN (H.324 standard), LAN and the Internet.
EZdialer, text chat, text to speech email, video/audio mute.
Directory service, video answering machine, Zoom and snapshot.

eye2eye v1.51c

eye2eye Audio/video conference over PSTN, ISDN, LAN and the Internet.
Full-Duplex audio, scalable color video, file transfer, whiteboard, white page, dialing directory.
Private groups, watch dog, call screening, video/audio privacy modes and clip/capture options.

VIC v2.8

VIC Vic can be used either for point to point video conferencing or for multipoint conferencing via the Mbone.
You need a minimum of Vat or Rat (audio tool), Wb (whiteboard) and Sd/Sdr (session directory).
Available for PC, SunOS, Sun Solaris, DEC OSF/Ultrix, SGI Irix, FreeBSD, HP/PA and Linux.

SHRIMP v1.0s1

SHRIMP Shrimp supports multipoint video conferencing (up to 8) via the Mbone.
Shrimp tools consist of Vic (video tool), Rat (audio tool), Nte (text editor), Wbd (whiteboard) and Sdr (session directory).
Available for PC, Sun Solaris and Linux.

Rendez-Vous v1.0.6

Rendez-Vous A successor to the IVS (INRIA Videoconferencing System) developed by Thierry Turletti.
An integrated audio/video/schedule tool over multicast or unicast IP.
It supports multipoint video conferencing via the Mbone.
Available for PC, Sun Solaris, SunOS, SGI Irix, DEC OSF1, x86 Linux and x86 FreeBSD.

Isabel v4R3

Isabel Video/audio/data multipoint conferencing (up to 20) over ATM, ISDN, Internet, Mbone, Satellite, ...
Selectable events (tele-conference or tele-meeting), 3 modes (coordinator, client or participant).
Slides, screen capture, scanner presentation, whiteboard, shared display and shared editor.
Available for Sun Solaris, SGI O2, Linux - Quickcam & V4L.

MediaFone2k v1.236

MediaFone2k Audio/video conference over PSTN, ISDN, LAN and the Internet.
Directory service, email and IP user lookup, Zoom, application sharing through NetMeeting.
No longer available.

BuenaVista v3.1b

BuenaVista Multipoint videoconferencing over ISDN, LAN and the Internet.
Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, directory service (active users/conferences).
Available for PC and SGI Irix.

TU-CyberFone v1.1

TU-CyberFone Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, speed dial, Zoom and snapshot.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.

Syaraku v1.1

Syaraku Multi-line video conference over the Internet.
Text chat, file transfer, whiteboard, snapshot, watch dog, answering machine and directory service.
Multimedia mail client to prepare/receive video mail, voice mail, text mail and handwritten mail.

LG VisualLINK 300 v1.0

VisualLINK 300 Full-Duplex audio, color video, text chat, video still, flip and snapshot.
Direct call, recent call and 3 directory servers (Vlink LG, ils MS, connected PC).
ITU standard H.323 compliant.
No longer available.

ThruCam v3.20

ThruCam Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, send mail and send message.
Directory service, search user, multipoint video conferencing support.

Internet CommSuite v2.0

Internet CommSuite Full-Duplex audio, color video, text chat, file transfer, instant message, whiteboard.
Internet Fax, video answering machine, photo album, video sentry and multimedia email.
Directory service, public and private user room, phone book and buddy list.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.

Bull Jingle v1.0b4 (build 40)

Jingle IP multicast and unicast, multipoint audio/video conferences.
Full-Duplex audio, color video, data sharing (chat, whiteboard, file transfer, application sharing) through NM.
Directory services, on-line web directory, phone book, Sdr plug-in, interoperate with Vic/Vat/Rat.

LinkTEL v3.20

LinkTEL Audio/video conference over the Internet, Intranet, ISDN and PSTN (H.324 standard).
Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, snapshot, Zoom, redial.
Directory service (ILS), phone book, Tel/IP/email call and event log.
No longer available.

Marratech Pro v2.2 NEW

Marratech Pro A successor to the mStar tool developed by CDT.
Multipoint video/auido conferencing tool over Intranet, Internet and the Mbone.
Full-Duplex audio, a resizable color video window, public and private chat, slides, whiteboard.
Session directory, electric corridor, video follows audio mode and pushing of web pages.
Available for PC and Sun Solaris.

ClearPhoneProWin v5.2.8

ClearPhoneProWin Full-Duplex audio, color video, file transfer, URL sharing, web camera, video and voice email.
On-line web directory, photo album, multipoint video conferencing support.
Available for PC and Mac.

Video VoxPhone Gold v2.0

Video VoxPhone Gold Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, file transfer, 5 party audio conferencing, PC-to-Phone calling.
Online user directory, address book, voice mail, voice fonts, caller ID, IP/email call.
ITU standard H.323 compliant.

VocalTec Communication Client v3.0b (build 562)

VCC Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, collaborative web browsing, name/IP/email call.
Document sharing and remote presentation, directory service, address book, multiparty audio conferencing.
ITU standard H.323 v2 compliant.
No longer available.

VIZITEL ScreenShare v3.53

VIZITEL ScreenShare Interactive desktop sharing and live video over PSTN, digital cellular (GSM), ISDN, LAN and the Internet.
Whiteboard, chat, snapshot, file send, caller ID, phone book, on-line directory, TWAIN compatibility.

PhoneFree v7.2

PhoneFree Full-Duplex audio, color video, chat, file transfer, voice mail, out-going messages (OGM).
Active phone book, on-line directory, bubble chat groups, conference calls, multi-line calls.
Call screening, DND, quick dial, caller history, web page dialing, privacy features and hot keys.

iSpQ Intercomm v1.1.301

iSpQ Intercomm Color video, audio, text chat, instant message (voice, text, and snapshot), directory service.
Chat groups, create a new group, invite user, multipoint video conferening (up to 3) support.
Available for PC and Palm VII.

iSpQ VideoChat v4.5

iSpQ VideoChat Color video, audio, group text chat, pal lists, instant message (voice, video, and text), directory service.
Broadcast function, multipoint video conferening (up to 5) support.
Available for PC and Mac.

Eyeball Chat LE v1.21 NEW

Eyeball Chat LE Color video, audio, text message, Eyeball Chat Groups on web page.
Contact list, personal profile, block list, search by email and/or name.

PalTalk v3.2

PalTalk Video call, voice call, group text chat, group voice conferencing, voice email, instant message.
Buddy list, create a group, pal search, file transfer, proxy/firewall support.

DGWConnect Communicator v1.0.4.4

DGWConnect Communicator Multipoint video chat (up to 6), voice, group text chat, quick message (voice, video and text), video email.
Pal lists, Instant snapshots to your webpage, WinAmp/Shoutcast controls, Internet radio, Video Spy, file explorer and sharing.

Vianet Video Interacive v2.0

Video Interacive Color video, audio, wavelet video compression, bandwidth management.
T.120 support (chat, application sharing, file transfer, whiteboard), Firewire (1394), USB, or analog cam support.
ITU standard H.323 v2 compliant.

Chorus Client v1.0b

Chorus Client Multipoint audio & video conferencing (up to 3), text chat, instant message.
Chorus server, create a group, moderated groups, user search, MPEG 4 video codec.

SeeSaw Communicator v1.0

SeeSaw Multipoint video & voice communication (up to 6), text chat, lobbies and chat rooms.
Create, lock and password protect private rooms, moderate discussions, private pager, buddy list.
Skins, portrait and profile, make buddy, mute, video capture and still photos, NAT support.

VisionLink v2.00

VisionLink Color video and text chat (no audio) over PSTN, ISDN and the Internet.
Address book, Zoom up/down, hot keys, speed dial, redial and video privacy.
No longer available.

The vOICe v1.45

The vOICe A vision substitute software for the blind.
You can see with your ears (i.e. you can hear any visual item).
HiFi stereo sound (for object on the Lt.or Rt.), built-in speech, mute, slow and fast-motion, Zoom.


Web Cam and Resources Sites

Video Conferencing Stories
Story by male contributor

Cuseeme, a video chatting server, has many different reflectors ("refs") with different themes, many of which are exclusively adult. One specific one went off line, but I am hoping someone reading this may remember it and know of others that are similar, and if so hopefully they will let the web master know for possible posting.

This reflector had an absolute rule that was capitalized upon entering the main video conference area - "YOU MUST BE COMPLETELY NAKED TO ENTER THIS SITE _ THIS EXCLUDES WOMEN. IF A WOMAN WANTS YOU TO PLAY AND YOU ARE NOT NAKED, YOUR CONNECTION WILL BE TERMINATED" The site had a monitor, sometimes by a woman, that would ask you to leave if you were male and could or would not verify you were naked by having your penis and balls in full view of the other participants the entire time. However, the women were usually fully clothed as many preferred not to show, but rather to see, which was the intent of the ref, that is, solely for the fun and viewing pleasure of women. Of course, as with most adult refs, the men always out numbered the women; however, given their position and protection in this ref, I was frequently amazed at how attractive some of the female participants were.

The women were always in the position of power in this ref, and such was clearly communicated to the participants. The power and protection afforded these women may have been one reason there was a high percentage of women compared to other refs. For instance, the rules, which were on a separate web site, stated that men were not allowed to even ask a woman to remove clothing or perform. It was mandatory for all men to be respectful and considerate to the women. However, the women were free to dictate to the guys what they wanted them to do, including drawing attention to a guy with his pants still on and instructing him to remove them. I never saw a guy refuse as his connection was terminated if he did.

One night two women were teasing me as I sat there completely nude with my keyboard in my lap covering my cock. As was typical, they were both dressed and wearing sexy blouses showing cleavage and teasing us with their sexiness and obvious hidden treasures. They were not content with the position of the keyboard and kept asking me to move it. The ref monitor, an attractive blonde girl, instructed me to move the keyboard off my lap so that she and the other girls could have a clear vivid view of my cock. I complied with the rules with my front completely naked and in full view of the other female participants. I remained that way for the rest of the time I was on the ref as was the rule for men.

These girls were such prick teases too. With the females being fully clothed and all the guys being buck naked, we were putting out hints and suggestions about seeing more of the women, but unfortunately it was all one way as we sat there frustrated. And to add to my frustration, their comments and enthusiasm about my cock made me pretty horny, which I openly admitted to them when one asked. Saying you are getting horny would often draw attention from the other girls to your screen, as you could see an icon indicating they were switching to your screen. Knowing all these girls were looking at my dick made it throb and stiffen, and they delighted in observing it go from being flaccid to fully erect and pointing straight up. They asked me to move the camera to get a close-up of my erect dick and I again complied. One asked how big I was and another suggested that I get a ruler and measure while they watched. The suggestion was met with enthusiasm and laughter by the other girls. Since I had a ruler at my desk, I measured it in front of them with one girl giving me instructions  - from the base where the balls meet the penis along the inside to the tip (exactly 7"). The monitor enjoyed watching and commended me on my compliant attitude. I think it began a trend because thereafter you would see the girls from time to time ask a guy to measure his erect penis while the girls watched.

I was so damn horny and they knew it, laughing while they prick teased me further. The camera resolutions are surprisingly clear, and one then said "What is that I see around the hole on the tip of your penis?"  She was obviously pointing it out for the other girls to view, at which time I looked down to see precum dripping down the down the side of the penis shaft onto my balls. This was of course very clearly seen by the girls and upon seeing it, another girl said "...he is one horny, horny, horny boy". I agreed and said I had to relieve the frustration, but she said "No! Not yet". She told me to stand up and turn around to so they could see my naked butt, which I did as they laughed and and typed in their cat calls. She then told me to stand sideways so they could see a profile of my hard dick (a lot of girls like this perspective...don't know why), which I obeyed bringing even more cat calls. Finally, she told me to sit down and since I had been a "good boy", they would give me permission to jack off, providing I move the camera very close so they could see me cum.

I moved the camera and furiously jacked was such a rush! Of course, I was but one of many guys now naked and jacking off, but their attention to my hard dick watching me jack it off was fantastic! I had an intense orgasm cumming all over myself. I didn't have a towel handy and cum was dripping off my penis and balls, but the same girl told me not to clean up but to remain there leaving all the cum in tact all over my stomach and cock. Again, I did what was requested and remained that way for the duration of my video call (these girls had a great attitude!). A nice word from the moderator for complimenting me on my performance made me feel good about it, and we were having a wonderful time.

Of course, it wasn't always like that.  Some nights I'd log on and it would be just guys.  But it still was one of the best and I became a regular after that and made many female friendships.  But then as suddenly as I found the ref, it was gone, disconnected. I have been looking for a similar ref, but have not found one yet.