Television, Film & Theater

Television, Film & Theater
Television, movies and theatre productions have for years featured full nudity. But only until recently are males being presented fully nude on a frequency that could come close to females. This is undoubtedly a result of more women being in control of productions.

International Television Without a doubt television in Europe is much further progressed than in America. U.S. television and film focuses upon and glorifies violence whereas European productions are slanted more towards sexuality and romance.


The U.K.'s Naked Elvis
Naked Elvis is a trivia game show that airs in the early morning hours in the U.K. It features a gorgeous female emcee and contestant panels that are often three women against three men, and played live in front of a mixed-gender viewing audience. The show features one score keeper, which is a different guy each show dressed with a campy Elvis wig, sideburns and sunglasses (no doubt to also hide his identity). During the game points are scored for correct answers to trivia questions which result in the Elvis being required to remove an article of clothing. The game progresses until he is left with just his briefs, at which time the next score requires him to remove them as well.

The camera is not shy in showing him pulling down his jockies and revealing his cock on national television with the contestants and audience cheering. The lovely emcee will often look at his manly equipment and make a funny comment, as happened in one show when the guy had an incredibly small dick and as it was presented on display for all to look at, she made a joke about its size resulting in hilarious laughter from the audience and contestants. In all episodes, once stripped Elvis remains completely naked for the duration of the show with him doing antics, or standing facing the camera and contestants assigned to roll the score card numbers for bonus rounds. Below is a link that allows viewing of Naked Elvis (Channel 4) form time to time...if you view the credits you can see it is directed, produced and staffed predominantly by women indicating it is directed towards the heterosexual female crowd.

For more information on the Naked Elvis game show, here are some links:

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Something for the Weekend
Another British program on free t.v., Something for the Weekend again features a beautiful hostess, Denise van Outen, in a game show, and with a woman at the helm, it often targets exposing the men. One feature of the program is "Private Dicks", in which five stage props each looking like file cabinets are on stage. Behind each is a completely naked man. During the feature the hostess lowers the file cabinet drawer exposing each man one-by-one from the knees to his waist prominently displaying his dick. The five drawers are eventually lowered until all five dicks are dangling for the audience to view and compare.

The woman or women on stage playing the game are challenged to identify a certain guy by only looking at the dicks. The show has been undergoing some criticism, all leveled by men, criticizing the content. These critics are upset that while the dicks are dangling on display, the hostess draws the attention of the camera and women to the various dicks and makes jokes about the small size of the respective guy's penis or balls, which then brings much laughter from the other women. These male critics, upset that men displayed completely naked whereas women are never unclothed, claim that this show intentionally strips men naked to humiliate them in front of women.

One male critic voiced the following:

And now there's Something for the Weekend, in which Denise Van Outen plays the part of an overdressed 18-30 club hostess, egging on her holidaymakers to flash their flesh and reveal their favourite sexual position. It's a Nineties embodiment of the seaside postcard - only here you get the sausage as well as the sauce. Male nudity features prominently with rounds entitled 'Private Dicks' and 'The Artful Todger'. Its speciality seems to be humiliating men, either through size jokes or hidden camera japes that aren't even worthy of Noel Edmonds. At times you just want it to grow up, and stop, ahem, fannying around."

One has to ask if these men are equally as vocal when women are paraded in similar ways in various magazines and shows.


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