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Team Rituals
The history of male athletes being completely nude in front of women goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece and the Olympics when all Olympian athletes competed nude. Fortunately for many women, although such practices have died out, team initiation rituals are alive all over the planet. In the photo to the left, a team member is surrounded by women and is then "de-pantsed", meaning another teammate comes from behind and pulls his shorts and jock strap to his knees. Evidently in this situation, the initiation ritual requires him to leave his pants at his knees providing the ladies with an opportunity to get a prolonged view of his cock and ass while they laugh at his embarrassment.

Western Bulldogs Annual Charity Event
The Western Bulldogs of Australia host an annual charity event for the viewing pleasure of the women. The entire team is stripped naked as women watch with eager delight. The Elephant Walk is part of a charity event in which the Western Bulldgogs of Australia parade through an auditorium filled with young women. The girls pay to come with the money received going to charity.

Running the Gauntlet
During the event the entire team strips completely naked and proceeds in a processional making their way through the crowd of cheering females. With women on both sides and within touching range, it becomes a bit of a gauntlet for the guys.

The Elephants on Parade
The "elephant walk" gets its name because the guy in front reaches underneath his crotch grabbing the hand of the guy behind him, with the guy behind him doing the same. When marching in a line like this it takes on the appearance of how elephants trunk-to-tail proceed in a parade.

Put on Stage
Various colleges hold similar initiations in this part of Europe. Here guys are brought on stage and are required to strip for the entire school. As you can see, these girls are loving the viewing opportunity.

Futile Attempts to Hide
Despite the attempts of the athletes to conceal their privates during the elephant march, it is to no avail as the march is a prelude to even more exposure.

The Line Up
The finale occurs when the men must line up on stage, backs to the the women. They are then instructed to put their hands on their heads and leave them there.

The Full Monty
After giving the ladies a naked butt show the athletes are instructed to walk in a circle keeping there hands on their heads.

Cat Calls for Their Balls
Finally, with hands still on their heads they strut their stuff for the ladies. Each guy must walk to the front of the stage facing the audience thereby giving the women an opportunity to view the dick of every athlete, thereby providing the ultimate truth as to which guy truly does have the longest penis and biggest pair of balls. They strut for a good while allowing the women plenty of time to get an eyeful as well as some great pictures.

Dancing Naked on Stage
This picture, which is from a separate charity event, was taken when the male athletes are instructed to strip naked and dance on a stage in front of a female audience.

Inviting the Ladies to Dance
At this one particular charity function, the male athletes are required to stay nude while they dance with the many women that have come for a show.

Women Officiating over Naked Male Athletic Competitions
There are some competitions where the male athletes must compete naked, not even wearing a jock strap. We've been promised vid caps of two of these competitions, both featuring female emcees and female referees. In the competition to the left, the pretty female referee judges the competition penalizing the male athletes instructing them to remove articles of clothing. Half way through the competition, all of the althletes are completely naked.

Naked Muscle Warriors
Here a beautiful blonde emcee in a tight dress teases the naked men as she officiates over the Wide Nude World of Sports competition. We will post vid caps as we receive them.

INude Swim Classes

For many of our younger readers, it is hard to believe that there was once a time when many junior highs, high schools, colleges, universities and YMCAs featured swim class wherein all male students were required to swim nude. The practice was that females always wore full bathing suits when using the same pool facilities; however, it was mandatory that all males remain completely naked while in the pool area. The purpose why only the males were required to participate nude and not the females is unclear - some claim it had to do with the antiquated pool filtering systems getting clogged, others say that the lockers would smell terribly if wet suits were left for long periods of time in the lockers. Based upon articles we have read, including those linked below, the practice was wide spread across the country until the 1970s when it apparently died out when it became more common for females to use the facilities at the same time as the men.

The gym classes typically began with all males stripping completely in the locker rooms and thereafter entering the large pool area. They would line up nude for roll call and instructions from the coach or instructor, who was routinely clothed. Thereafter the entire swimming class was conducted with the guys remaining naked. This often created an odd dynamic as many of these old indoor pool areas were not secured well and were in coed environments. Female gym classes may have been held in adjacent rooms, and often the female locker rooms also emptied into the pool area, although the female and male classes were segregated.

Females did from time to time enter the pool area during classes by mistake or when there was an emergency. There are also numerous reports of female instructors actually teaching male swim courses at schools where complete male nudity was compulsory.  The photo to the left is a rare photo actually evidencing a young female instructor coaching such a swim class.  The two photos were taken at the point when all the fellows have to line up completely naked in front of her for role call.  As you can see, these boys are virtually young men and this female coach could certainly bear witness than some of these guys have genitals as developed as grown men.   Such female instruction was particularly needed when the assigned coach would call in sick - if no one else was available, who would teach the class and monitor the young men if only female staff was available? According to some unverified stories we have received, many academic programs simply did the easiest thing - they had the female staff substitute teach the class without changing the mandatory nudity rule for the males. One individual discussed how awkward and embarrassing it was to have a female instructor just a few years older (in her early 20s) teach such a course to a group of about 50 young adolescent males, all completely naked, with some of these young men having fully developed genitals. Although this sounds a bit bizarre and suspect, we have received many such accounts. We now live in different times where it would be incomprehensible today, but attitudes about these things were quite different a while back.

And in some pool areas there were offices or storage areas with windows above the pools and we were told by a woman she would routinely sneak a peek during college swim classes. For more about this practice as described by those that attended them, read the following articles:


Nude Male Swim Classes - U. of M, Harvard & Princeton

Swimming in a Pool of Lunacy

Hate to Exercise as Much as I do?

A while back we received a story from a girl who went to a high school that had mandatory swim classes requiring all males to be nude. She recounts her and her female classmates fun voyeuristic exploits in the following story:

Story by "Rebecca"

The high school I attended in the 1970s had one of the few remaining swimming programs in which the boys still swam nude. During their swim class, no females were allowed in the pool area as the girls swam at different times. But unlike the boys, the girls wore a one-piece bathing suit. I don't know why this was but what I remembered most fondly about my gym classes were the wonderful opportunities the girls had to spy on the boys during their swimming class.

The girls access to the pool area was through a double swing door, which was locked denying access when the men were using the pool area. Leading from the girls changing area was a small exit corridor that lead up to these doors. The girls could walk from the locker room into this small corridor and be out of view from the locker area and our coach's window. This corridor also had a lot of our sports equipment giving us an excuse to go back there. The doors into the pool area were old and the mortar surrounding the jams had crumbled (and of course some of the girls chipped some of it away for an even better view). There was also a gap between the doors such that when I and the other girls peeped through we could clearly view almost the entire swimming pool area as though we were on the inside.

The boys undressed in the locker room so when they entered the pool area they were already completely naked from head to foot. During my volleyball class, some of us would sneak into the corridor and watch the guys line up on the other side of the pool for roll call. We could see the entire line up easily recognizing each guy as they stood shoulder to shoulder stark naked and facing us. It gave us girls an unbelievable opportunity to contrast the manhood on each of the guys. And the diving board was directly in front of our doors. As the guys would line up for diving practice they would be just a few feet in front of the doors from which we were peeping. We could hear their conversations and the typical b.s. they throw around when it's only the guys. It was both funny and sexy, they would unknowingly reveal their secret world to us, in a way doubly exposing themselves to us - they were standing there in front of us naked while they also laid bare to us their inner secret world, and we loved it!

We would even play games challenging each other to determine which guy had the cutest butt, the largest penis and the biggest pair of balls. One of the guys was a loud macho type that had made a joke or two in one of my classes about his size, but when we say him standing in the diving board line facing us, we couldn't help but to chuckle to see how tiny his dick really was. We had the opportunity to clearly see the penis of every guy in school. We saw thick penises, long penises, tiny penises, circumsized penises and their balls too - and best of all, we knew well the guys that they were attached to. It was a wonderful viewing experience for any girl.

The girls tried to maintain a code of silence such that we wouldn't ruin a good situation, but even so a female gymnastic coach caught us a couple of times. She looked at us, shaking her head with a tiny smile and asked us to step away from the doors, but did nothing else. Rumor had it that one of the girls may have caught her doing the same. She eventually confided to one of the girls that it was fine by her if the girls watched the boys and wouldn't say anything as long as the girls were discreet. For that matter, it seemed none of the female coaches seemed to mind the viewing and would just chuckle about if anyone said anything. This created an atmosphere of low risk for us, which made the viewing a daily activity for many of us.

However, it wasn't a total secret as some of the guys would make comments that they knew it was happening, some of the girls denied it, some didn't care. But none of us ever got into trouble for it, so we continued. Unfortunately, during my senior year the practice of nude swimming stopped and the guys started to wear suits. Too bad, it was such fun.

Although not mentioned as to which high school Rebecca enjoyed such experiences, one such high school that provided similar experiences for the girls was Central High School in Fargo North Dakota.  Those that were there during the days of nude male swim classes reflect upon those times on the school's web server, and as you will read, the girls did in fact enjoy watching the naked male seniors during their swim classes through both peep holes and ventilation grills in the girls' locker room doors.  Despite the female "giggles" that could be heard routinely from behind the doors, there was an apparent attitude of acceptance by the male staff and students for many years: 

Stories from Central High

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