Focus and Philosophy


When nudity is presented, virtually all movies, television programs, strip clubs and adult magazines are oriented to exposing the female body as opposed to the male.  There are numerous reasons for this.  In part, it is due to men typically being more visually oriented than women, and their demographic is more ready to produce consumer dollars when nudity of the opposite gender is presented.  Another reason is the orientation and desires of the producers, which are usually male.

On those uncommon occasions when women are afforded to the ability to control the output of a movie or event depicting nudity, it is clearly different. For instance, when women at HBO were given the opportunity, they produced the program "Private Dicks" which was a documentary in which nude men were interviewed by a clothed woman about the mythos surrounding the penis.

If one views programs on adult-oriented cable channels, male genitalia is rarely shown whereas female nudity is shown gratuitously.  A major reason for this is the insecurity of male viewers, who are uncomfortable viewing male genitalia due to the implications of homosexuality with their enjoyment of the erotic scene. Consequently, much male nudity is censored in the media by men occupying the positions that allow such censorship.  Women deserve the opportunity to enjoy male nudity more frequently than our society provides. 


Our site explores and promotes opportunities for women to enjoy male nudity, and we hope to encourage women to be uninhibited in their pursuits of such visual enjoyment.  We promote and explore this here, but, more specifically:

This site does not depict nor discuss flashing or unexpected male exhibitionism forced upon women.  In general, women disdain unexpected exhibitionism and park bench "flashers". You will not find such stories or pictures depicting this aggressive and obnoxious behavior.  Our forum provides that women have made a decision to be in the presence of nude men, are in control and are there because they desire such, not because it was thrust upon them.

This site is not dedicated to gay or bi-sexual men.  We do not oppose homosexuality and individuals of both genders are invited to read, explore and enjoy this site regardless of their sexual orientation. However, male homosexuality is vastly represented on countless web sites with thousands of nude male pictures and stories directed solely for the gay male audience at the exclusion of female involvement. This site is dedicated to women experiencing nude men in our world and those that enjoy and support it.

This site does not focus on BDSM activity.  We do not promote brutality and physical harm to men.  There of course is often a power and control element when a nude person is fully exposed to a clothed person of the opposite sex.  This is an integral part of the erotica surrounding many of the stories and pictures posted, and much erotic enjoyment is found in this this aspect.   In addition, the control may be accentuated through the woman's enjoyment of embarrassing and humiliating the nude man, which if not overdone can be a very enjoyable experience for both the man and those observing the situation.

 The eros behind men being forced to strip naked in front of women is a part of this site, but we do not explore physical brutality nor any psychological pain that could lead to emotional harm. Our dominant female stories and pictures that flirt with the edge of BDSM are found in the section "Women in Control".