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Parties and events such as Burning Man, Woodstock and the Exotic Erotic Ball often presents a marvelous opportunity for the visual woman to enjoy being in the presence of nude men. Despite the thousands of photographs on the Internet showing women flashing, the reality is that these parties and events usually see much more in the way of men showing everything. Here we present the other side, that is stories and pictures of the men letting it all "hang" out.

Exotic Erotic Ball
When it comes to nudity and eroticism, without a doubt the most extreme party in the country is San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball that takes place each year during Halloween and now also New Year's. The party is now experiencing close to 20,000 in attendance. Live entertainment, drink and incredibly well made costumes create a festive environment with a focus on eroticism.

Despite it being such a public forum for fun, there are no prohibitions on nudity and one may put on as much or as little as one desires. If one wants to wear an exotic erotic costume, sexy lingerie or nothing but a smile and a pair of tennis shoes, it is perfectly acceptable.

From this author's experience at the party, if a guy is naked with his cock on full display, fun loving women approach him often wanting their picture taken with him. And it is not uncommon for some of the more mischievous girls to prick tease him by stroking his dick (as a couple of girls are doing here) making it hard such that he is then forced to mill about naked with a full erection with thousands of women looking on and laughing, some taking pictures. Of course, who's to say if the guy doesn't enjoy the attention more than the girls giving it ;o)

NOTE: Special thanks to the patrons of Coccozella for supplying some of these pictures. Others were accumulated from different sources and if you are featured in one and wish it removed, please contact the site administrator.

Kinky the Clown gets his dick stroked by a pretty blonde girl
An Extreme Exhibitionist
This guy decided not only to attend completely naked, but to also wear a cock ring such that he can maintain and erection. But given the look on these attractive girls' faces, they love it ;o)

Right out of National Geographic
This savage is there every year with a different costume with one theme consistant, C.O.D. (cock on display).

For more info., pictures and tickets to San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball, here is their web site:

Exotic Erotic Ball of San Francisco

After a 25 year hiatus Woodstock returned to feed the souls of another generations, but this go around the energy is directed more towards hedonistic rather than spiritual pursuits. However, one thing is consistent and that is the propensity of today's pop culture to bear all at the concert. Those present will tell you of the vast number of people walking about totally nude. Here we capture some moments in which the guys paraded au natural amongst the many female attendees.

Certainly one way to avoid the hassles of laundry

His name must be "Boots"



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