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Nothing can match the enjoyment of a sunny day in a beautiful environment while girl or boy watching. And if the targeted person one is viewing is naked, in can be quite fun. Natural hotsprings, hot tubs, nude beaches and parks, marathons with nude joggers (yes! see below)can all be havens for such the nude male to be viewed by the female gender. Here we explore a few such opportunities.

Nude Beaches -- Commentary by a Male Nudist
Commentary by Male Nudist

There are some girls that prefer the nude areas of a beach and even though they leave their suit on, they enjoy watching the many guys parade in front of them naked. I've seen such girls at nude beaches even when there are miles of non-nudist areas for them to go, but instead opt to be where there is many nude men walking about and it is obvious they are there to check them out. But unlike their male voyeur counterparts, I and all the nudists I know have no problem with these women - in fact, we are very glad they are there. And we go out of our way to make them feel welcome for several reasons.

First, the male-to-female ratios are always very high at the nude beaches, and all females regardless of dress provide a better balance. Second, women are much more discreet; whereas men gawk, women glance with women being subtle and tactful. Third, women do not bring the intimidating feeling of harrassment that gawking men often do. And lastly, all men I know take it as a wonderful compliment when a woman eyes them as they walk down the beach nude.

I've even taken the time to talk to some of these women being very kind and reassuring them how welcome they were (without appearing to be coming on to them.) When at a nude beach enjoying it au natural, I'd much rather there be throngs of women even though they are clothed, and no one will mind at all if the women are there for the sole reason to watch the naked guys parade about.  The men are flattered by being watched, particularly when the woman is admiring that part of his anatomy that most represents his maleness.

So.....for any woman reading this worrying that going to a nude beach to check the scene out without taking of her clothes will get others upset or make them stand out, don't worry! You will be very well received and welcome, and your attention to the guys.

Birthday Suit Diving
Clothing optional beaches provide an opportunity for one to either be nude, or to leave one's clothes on and appreciate the scenery. This guy offers these girls more viewing pleasure than just the ocean.

Boy Watching
This great photo to the left shows the enjoyment of two pretty girls as they laugh in delight in watching the naked boys pass by at this clothing optional beach.  The nude guy in the background is obviously enjoying their presence as much as they are as evidenced by his semi-erect penis, which he bounces proudly for them to view as he walks right by them.  Even though these girls are'nt even topless, and, there are miles of beach front all around that are not nude beaches, they have intentionally come her to be female voyeurs and check out the naked bods (and good for them!) Most agree that you simply cannot have enough girls like this at a nude beach, and their voyeuristic presence makes it a better beach for all.

Even More Naked Boy Watching
This pretty blonde has positioned herself perfectly to watch the naked guys walk in and out of the surf right in front of her.  One can clearly see this nude guy is getting sexually aroused knowing this pretty girl is closely viewing his naked butt, and erect cock.  One girl commented that she loved having the guys' dicks prominently displayed, as she could instantly see the effect her wearing that new expensive bikini was having on them.  The question comes down to, who is enjoying the encounter more?  

Common Scene at Southern California Nude Beach
The picture to the left shows three young women that have come to the legendary Black's Beach near San Diego.   Although there are several miles of open beach in this area, these wonderful girls have decided to throw their towels down where there is the highest concentration of naked men on the west coast.  And of course the guys love there presence.  As you can see, one naked man walks by and gives them a warm hello letting them know they are very welcome, even though they have left their suits on while every man near them is completely nude.  All men should be encouraged to show warmth and friendliness to such ladies, but also should let them have their space to feel comfortable.  

Nude Beaches and Erections -- More Commentary
Many nudists frown upon blatant displays of sexual arousal, and appropriately so if minors are around. And most nudists will also tell you that such occurrences are rare. But some nude beaches, especially in Europe, are not as forbidding when it comes to a natural biological reaction with men. If attractive naked women are about, it is only natural that men are sexually interested.

Try an experiment yourself, if ever in the presence of people that are interested in nude beaches, ask them their opinion. Depending upon the gender, the reaction is often opposite. Provided the man is not openly flopping an erection around intentionally making a scene but is unobtrusive about it, most women do not mind and are very understanding if a man is visibly sexually aroused. Other women actually enjoy seeing an erection and when I asked one girl if it would upset her if a naked guy was erect in her presence at the beach, she said "Only if her were facing the other way" and her and her girl friends laughed in agreement. But one of the guys went into a long ranting about how disgusting it was (to the disagreement of the girls present).

It is usually the men that are the hostile ones to such things. It often has to do with the competitive nature men, homophobia, or a myriad of reasons not necessarily related to how women feel about it.

This commentator is not recommending anything that is an aggressive or objectionably offensive display. The context is always critical (ergo, no minors present or others that could find offense). But I also believe if the women are not offended or actually enjoy it, then it should be a live-and-let-live attitude at such nude beaches and nude resorts.

Marathons and Fun Runs -- San Francisco Bay Breakers
Many marathons, 10K runs and other community jog-a-thons are becoming as much a place for show as go. Clowns, costumes and now...full nudity...are commonplace at some of these events. Although it is officially illegal to be nude in public, San Francisco police to not bother nude joggers as long as they keep moving.

"Hmmmm...what, about six inches erect?"
An attractive young woman inspects a nude rider in an event in San Francisco.

"Anyone seen my clothes?"

A "Hi Mom!!
This guy takes exhibitionism to new heights. Standing nude with all of his body painted except his dick, he sports a full erection and faces the crowd as tens of thousands run by and no mask! Mom should be proud.

University of Michigan's Naked Mile
Every year the University of Michigan holds its annual Naked Mile in which students doff all their clothes off and run buck naked through campus. Originally it was a small group but now close to a thousand do the run each year. Despite the many web sites featuring on pictures of women thus suggesting it is predominantly women, the reality is that men outnumber women 4-to-1 at this event. The high number of naked male students attracts throngs of admiring coeds that came to watch, as seen here.

A Crowd of Women Checking Out the Naked Runners

One of our favorite photos
This photo was sent to us by one of our readers. It wonderfully depicts the delight of three pretty young coeds at U. of M. during the Naked Mile. The girl in the center has a camera tucked in her belt no doubt to capture pics to share with her girlfriends of the many young naked guys. The imbalance here, three pretty girls fully clothed enjoying the advantage and viewing fun of this naked fellow is reflected in their joyous smiles. In general, given most of the nude runners are male, the coeds of U.of M. approve of and love this event showing how voyeuristic girls can be.

Girls getting an upclose look at a guy's equipment
One female freshman voyeur went to watch the naked guys run and wrote about what she saw. She particularly notes how the many girls watching couldn't help focusing their attention and looks on the hundreds of mens' dicks as they ran by, implying that after a girl has seen 50 dicks, she has seen about every variation of the guys' penises and sizes of their balls. You can read her review here:

A girl reflects on watching the Naked Mile

Triathalons and Other Sporting Events
Triathalons require the athletes to strip off their clothing and change for the next event, often right in front of a crowd. Here, the meet coordinators decided not to have curtains up, but rather to provide the women an opportunity to view the athletes changing removing everything including their jock straps. The athletes do not mind, and the women love the opportunity to view all of the male athletes completely naked, as can be seen by the crowd of admiring females right behind these two guys. One woman commented that it reminds her of the days in ancient Greece when male athletes competed naked in all events, and how she wished they still had such games.


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