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The world of Clothed-Female/Naked-Male (CFNM) eroticism has seen phenomenal growth in recent years.  Given this forum served as an incubator for CFNM, it is only appropriate that the woman who best exemplifies the eroticism of CFNM be honored here,"Melody".  This beautiful actress has come onto the silver screen bringing us some of the most erotic CFNM moments ever filmed.

But more important than her sexy performances, as you will see, is her true enjoyment of CFNM eroticism in all aspects...both during filming, and when off-stage.    Her love of CFNM eroticism falls in the dominance and control variety, but also in the area of her visual enjoyment of looking at naked men.   

We showcase Melody here to both honor her, and thank her for spearheading CFNM's popularity.  She is certainly the subject of many men's fantasies (and she welcomes e-mails from her fans!)

The following interview was conducted by Visual Sensations for Women to learn more about her, and her enjoyment of this new genre of erotic pursuit.

VSFW Interview

(Q):  You are considered a CFNM goddess by many of your fans.  What do you think it is that makes you so desirable to them?

Melody:  I would love to hear from my fans and find out exactly what they consider my qualities to be. I presume it is because Iām tall and can be rather authoritative. Not to mention my stern looks. Many like my accent and think Iām sexy, so maybe a combination of this contributes to my success?


(Q):  Do you feel CFNM eroticism is growing, and would you like to see it grow?   What can we do to get more women knowledgeable and interested in CFNM?

Melody:  Yes I think CFNM eroticism is growing. I am very gleeful about this prospect. The wicked part of me rejoices at this thought.  I feel that many women find cfmn a refreshing change after years and years of the usual clothed men  naked female gags and situations. CFNM allows women to release their revenge and assertiveness and enjoy power!

I think the main point to advertise to women is the fact that all the women do stay clothed throughout.  This should attract them. All women love to look at naked men but often feel threatened by other naked females.   They often compare themselves physically and feel inadequate. In CFNM this obstacle is removed.  And if watching with a partner, there is no threat to the woman of being compared or her partner ogling!


(Q):  Tell us about your life.  What are your hobbies?  Do you have a boyfriend?

Melody:  I am a very busy person. I am an actress/model. Always on the go! I love music, clubbing etc· shopping, swimming, walking, art. I will try my hand at any thing! I love to have my fingers in many pies.  I do have a boyfriend at the moment.  Sorry boys!! 

(Q):  What do you find attractive in a man?  If a man approached you on the street, what could he say to get your immediate attention?

Melody:  Something witty and unique!  The thing I find most attractive in a man is his personality.  I like a man with a sense of humor who can make me laugh. I like a man who can be rough, strong and hard but also caring and sensitive and understanding.

(Q):  Describe a perfect evening with a man.

Melody:  I couldnāt possibly!!!! XXX rated Iām sure!!  But yes very passionate and above all kinky!! No chance of sleep!!!!! I will leave the rest to your imagination but be warned it would be even hotter than your wildest dreams!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


(Q):  Tell us about your personal erotic pursuits.   Are you visual, that is, do you find it arousing just looking at your naked male subjects, or is the nudity a means to other types of enjoyment?  Do you ever masturbate thinking about CFNM fantasies?

Melody:  I do often find it arousing just looking!! But yeah the nudity is a means to other enjoyment most certainly!!!!! Mmmmmmmm!! OOOHHH YESSS!! I must admit that I regularly masturbate thinking about past CFNM experiences and fantasize about new ones!!!


(Q):  Have you ever had any real world CFNM experiences you can share, such as spying on a nude man, or dominating a man?

Melody:  I have spied on many a nude man!! Sometimes they knew and sometimes they didnāt!!!! As for dominating a man well that is my specialty. I think I must have inherited it from my mother she was always very domineering, so thank her lads!!


(Q):  In the CFNM movies, you appear very dominant and in a position of power while having your male subject stripped naked for your objectification and amusement.   Are you only acting in these scenes, or do you really enjoy it as much as it appears?  Can you tell us about the actors that you work with, male and female, and their take on CFNM eroticism?

Melody:  I most certainly did enjoy it!!!! Big style!!!!We all enjoyed the storyline and got off on it, some more secretively than others.  I will say no more!!!!!


(Q):  Your films always feature multiple clothed women enjoying the humiliation of a naked man.  Do you feel such CFNM eroticism is best when several females are present to observe and enjoy the experience?  Do you find that you enjoy it more knowing the man's embarrassment and humiliation is heightened due to other females also being present to see and enjoy him naked and humiliated?

Melody:  Yes, multiple females are perfect to gang up and enforce humiliation and we delight in it greatly. It also enforces the feeling of  ćgirl powerä and satisfaction of getting one over on a lesser male of the species itās terrific!!!!


(Q):  All of your films seem to feature a situation wherein your naked male subject is forced to openly jack off and cum while the women present closely watch.  Do you feel such situations are an integral part to the CFNM enjoyment, and do you personally enjoy watching a naked man jack off?

Melody:  I most certainly do enjoy it! Making a man perform for me!!  What else could be better??  He has to over-cum his embarrassment and perform without looking bad, oh yes itās the ultimate!!!!


(Q):  How do you feel the female population in general views CFNM eroticism?  Do you ever sit around with just the girls, such as fellow actresses, and talk about CFNM experiences, and how do they enjoy it?

Melody:  Itās jolly good fun to us and we get off on it and makes us feel strong and powerful and smug!!!! And satisfied!!!


(Q):  If invited, would you like to attend a CFNM party?  Can you think of some fun activities and games that women could play on the men at such a party?

Melody:  I would consider it! We could have a disco with lots of dirty dancing but when ever a man showed any sign of sexual arousal he must be forced to strip naked and continue his dance routine!!!!! Go for it!!!

(Q):  A lot of the CFNM out there is real world situations such as female reporters interviewing naked male athletes in the locker room, female guards conducting full strip searches on male inmates, fraternity pledges forced to strip and do embarrassing things nude in front of sorority girls, and the like.  How do you feel about these situations, and would you like to see more of such vocational and recreational opportunities for women?

Melody:  I think real life situations are more realistic and just as erotic.  Although unique situations are a breath of fresh air!


(Q):  Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Melody:  I value all my fans and would like to thank them for their support. I love to hear from you all and do my best to answer your emails and questions. I hope to star in more cfnm productions soon! xxxxxxxxx

From your admiring fans at VSFW, we certainly hope so too!!!  

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