Women Observing Men Masturbating

Many women have never seen a man masturbate, and a lot of visually-oriented females will tell you it can be a great enjoyment. According to an article sited in "sexuality.org - Society for Human Sexuality", a survey of womens' viewing desire was taken amongst Norwegian and Dutch women. Cupido, the womens' magazine conducting the survey, indicated that in photographs of nude men, the women almost unanimously want to see the male sexually aroused and fully erect. However, they go further saying "The man in the picture is more than allowed to fondle his own body or masturbate", and as one woman respondent puts it, "I very much like watching a man fondle himself, a man who has allowed himself to enter the sexual room completely." The article can be read in its entirety here (scroll down to the part that begins "Meanwhile, back in Norway..."):

Womens' views on nude male models masturbating

Girls often say that their boyfriends are too shy, or embarrassed to let them be watched masturbating. Part of the reason many men express their embarrassment of exposing such an intimate self-erotic act is that our society has only recently crawled out of the dark ages when masturbation was considered evil, deviant behavior and indicative of a maladjusted boy or man. Although many men do enjoy women watching them stroke themselves, the majority of men rarely discuss such self-erotic acts with each other, let alone openly share it with a female to view. It is important for all heterosexual women to be able to watch a man masturbate, frequently and closely. As the following discussion on male masturbation technique notes "Few women are given the opportunity to see a male masturbating but a woman can learn a lot about giving her partner pleasure by watching how he pleases himself.":

Masturbation for Men

In this corner of the site we pull back mens' sacred sheets of concealment to allow our female readers to view this self-erotic act so many men enjoy yet hide. Please note, the photographs and moving video files contained herein are explicit, and not intended for minors.

All Men Masturbate
Venus D. Wyld

The beautiful ex-Vegas Showgirl and writer for Riotgrrl, an Internet magazine for girls, discusses in an article her thoughts on male masturbation and research she conducts for the article. Her research (done strictly for the sake of science, of course!) has her interview three men, then she has them masturbate for her as she watches closely taking copious notes. Of particular interest to those that enjoy the woman-in-charge perspective, she tells of how her girl readers can conduct their own tests on their male friends, having them strip naked and masturbate while the girls watch, then sending the guys home without having to perform themselves. It is an interesting perspective from one visually-oriented girl:

All Men Masturbate

Animated Files of Men Masturbating

We have provided some animated ".gifs" for the viewing curiosity and pleasure of our female readers. These animated files show explicitly nude men masturbating and a bit of their technique, including the point in time as they have their wet climax. Please feel free to contact and let us know your thoughts on this type of presentation for women.

Ladies, Come Watch the Men Masturbate

Playtime with Friends
This photograph depicts a playful moment as this young girl zooms her video camera on a young, naked man's erect cock as he masturbates. He is smiling at the photographer, another girl capturing his erotic moment on film. No doubt the smile on the camera girl's face reflects her anticipation of showing this video to her other girlfriends...you go girl! Such delightful fun as shown here is a marvelous, healthy alternative for safe erotic play, and also provides these girls with a wonderful opportunity to closely witness male masturbation, possibly for the first time.

Jack-n-Jill Party Experience
by Anonymous Reader

I had heard of these parties, but didn't know much about them other than they were thrown for group masturbation. I was invited by the couple hosting the event, who were swingers, and was assured it would be a mixed, not gay, crowd - but I still had my doubts.

When I arrived there were more men in that only one single girl had showed. Altogether, there were 12 guys, 5 of which brought their ladies, and six women. Some of the single guys were in good shape, a couple were buffed out. Of the women two were slender and the rest were average to a bit on the larger side. There was soft music playing and hors d'oeurves were out. My friends have a huge house so I wandered around. After about an half an hour, one of the couples disrobed and were sitting on the couch naked playing with each other. Two more guys stripped naked and sat on the couch next to them and began to stroke themselves.

I was not too thrilled because of the quantity and quality of women present and was just about to leave. But then, a group of girls came. The girls were friends of the hostess vis-a-vis one of the girls that had been a receptionist at the hostesses previous travel agency business. The girls, which appeared in their early twenties, were very slender and cute. One was a brunette with long hair with brown eyes and a small tatoo on her shoulder. Another brunette was also very pretty and had numerous rings in her ears and her tongue was pierce. The other two were a blonde and a brunette, again cute. They all appeared to be real partiers. They were also a little loose as they had already had a couple of drinks and were enjoying themselves.

I said hello to them and started a conversation. They were reluctant to chat as they were not sure what the party was about and seemed somewhat on the defense. They told me they were not going to participate, but the hostess was a friend and coerced them into coming. They were curious and said they came to watch others - the hostess had told them it was alright to come, hangout and just watch.

I left them and went to the restroom. I passed a room with four younger guys sitting on a couple of sofas and chairs completely naked and masturbating watching a porno flick on t.v.

After coming out of the restroom I stopped briefly in the doorway to check out the flick when I then saw the girls approaching the room. This was also the room with the bar and alcohol and the hostess had sent them here to get a drink. I asked them to come in and I'd make them a drink, and sure enough, they came into the room.

As they entered, you could tell the guys were a bit shocked, as were the girls.

They weren't expecting many girls coming unescorted, and certainly not cuties like these. Here they were sitting and laying there completely naked with their hard dicks in their hands jacking off when a group of cute young ladies walk in.

The girls were a bit nervous, but I tried to make them feel at ease; however, the girls were at first not acknowledging others in the room as they stood there waiting for me to make them drinks. Eventually, I got them to sit down. The guys all said hello with a smile welcoming these girls a nervous conversations ensued. The guys had stopped when the girls entered the room, sitting or laying as the case may be, naked with full erections.

Eventually, the guys realized the girls weren't going to take their clothes off nor have sex. But the drinks flowed and the conversation became more pleasant and open. The girls soon were at ease telling the guys they came to hangout and party and watch, but not participate. One of the guys asked if it would be alright for them to continue, and invited the girls to stay and watch. The girls accepted and one of the girls said with a giggle "didn't mean for you guys to stop on our account". Eventually the conversation turned towards male masturbation, since after all, the theme of this party was jacking off and since it was only guys masturbating.

It was a very different experience and a very erotic. These girls were having conversations with these guys as though it was a normal cocktail party yet the guys were completely naked and jacking off. Two of the girls admitted they had never watched a guy masturbate and were curious. After a while you could tell they were more at ease as rather than stealing a quick glimpse at the guys dicks, they would look right at the guys' dicks. The girls were commenting on the variations they were seeing amongst the guys' masturbation techniques. One mused how funny it looked with the guys' balls bouncing as they stroked saying "follow the bouncing balls!", and we all laughed.

Finally, the girl sitting next to me, who had gotten a bit looser asked me if I came only to watch. It was implicit she was encouraging me to join the other guys. I asked the girls if they minded if I stripped naked and joined in and she responded "no..not at all".

I slowly stripped to my underwear. The whole time my heart was pounding realizing what was about to happen. As I pulled down my underwear I remember my hard penis popping out like a spring pointing right at these girls. They chuckled when they saw this and I then sat down between two of them.

I started to stroke my dick slowly. One girl asked us how often we jacked off and when we usually did. You could tell the girls were very curious. They kept asking other similar questions such as the most unusual place we did it, when we did it the first time, did we do it for our girl friends, etc. We were very candid and open with them sharing very private things. They asked about precumming too, at which point I presented them the head of my penis showing them the clear sticky fluid coating it. It was very erotic having these girls share our masturbatory experiences.

Each time a guy came it would draw the attention of the girls. They stayed until all five of us had cum. As I came I let them know - "God I'm about to cum!". This brought all of their attention to the tip of my hard penis allowing them to view the streams of semen shooting out as I furiously jacked off squirting sperm all over myself. After I came I moved my hands away and spread my legs wide to let them see the aftermath. My invitation to them was answered by their curious eyes viewing my erect shaft and balls now covered with cum. One asked with a smile "Feel better now?" and I answered with a warm smile, "Absolutely".

I didn't clean up nor dress but rather remained in that pose to allow the girls to view my exposed cum-covered cock as much as they pleased as we continued to converse while they finished their drinks.

They soon got up and went to hang out with the hostess. They told her they may come back and then left. I never saw them again, nor have I ever been back, but I will always remember that night!


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