Animated Picture Files
of Men Masturbating

NOTE - if you are under 18, you are not allowed to be in this section.

These are for our female readers that enjoy observing a nude man masturbate, and for the younger females that have never seen it, but are curious. Through video conferencing, bachelorette parties, light femdom events and certain clubs and thematic parties, a new form of eroticism is growing wherein the girls are not expected to remove any clothing or participate sexually, yet may observe nude men upclose masturbating. These situations can be very erotic and fun for both the men and the women present. We are excited by this trend and hope there will be a time when all women have the opportunity to enjoy this visual eroticism. We hope you enjoy these animated pictures, and please feel free to write us with comments!


~~~ Please allow a few moments for full animation movement to download ~~~

The Standard Stroke
This man demonstrates how the majority of men stroke their dicks when jacking off. Notice his fluid movement from years of practice!

Legendary Masturbation Without Touching
Some have said it is impossible, but this man demonstrates clearly that some guys can get an erection and cum without touching their penises or balls.

Shooting the Headboard
Many men enjoy masturbation in bed just before sleep. Here you can see a problem some men have, and that is squirting themselves on the chest or in the face. On occaision and with some exceptionally virile men, the picture hanging above the bed needs cleaning the next morning!

Remember those nights when you would prick tease a young guy, feeling his hard unanswered erection in his pants... wishing you could see it as you frustrated him?  The view to the right reveals just what you would have seen.  Unlike cum, precum is clear, and is thinner and helps to lubricate.  Upon seeing the precum dripping out of the hole in this penis, one of our female readers said "It looks like his  penis is crying and begging for relief!", which is a very accurate description!
Great Balls O' Fire
Here is a very close up view of a man's balls while he is jacking off and at the point when he is cumming. Looking at them closely, you can see how they pulse as they begin to release their load of sperm.
Follow the Bouncing Balls
This was the comment made by one girl as she laughed telling the story how she and a friend watched a guy masturbate.  Watching this guy's balls bounce, one would think he got his training in the NBA.
Position while Watching
This is the typical view a television has when Britney Spears is on.
Standing and Shooting
Some guys prefer standing when masturbating, some prefer laying on their backs, and some would rather sit. What is your favorite position to watch?


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