Male Stripping and Bachelorette Parties


Burlesque, stripping and dance routines have always been oriented to female nudity with the exception of gay cabarets. But in the past couple of decades a new genre of stripping feature a male dance review dedicated to a female audience has emerged. As the movie "The Full Monty" expresses, many women enjoy this form of entertainment, especially when the men go all the way removing their g-strings as well. Here we post stories and pictures of women enjoying the opportunities their mothers never would have had.

Women Coming Into Their Own
The original male strip revues were subdued in comparison to some that are just now becoming popular. Here, at the Mr. Nude Southern California in San Diego a woman is invited from the audience to come on the stage and masturbate a nude male dancer for a cheering female audience to watch. We have put together some vid caps from this penis pageant for you here:

Mr. Nude Southern California

But few venues offer this extreme erotic pleasure for the ladies. Totally nude reviews are still rare, but growing in popularity. Hopefully, society is finally relinquishing its oppressive tenets that strip clubs are only acceptable amongst the male members of society. One such strip-a-thon was The Great Canadian Strip Search. One of our web mistresses and video critics, Delores, ranked it as one of the best of all time male strip review for women. Her review can be seen in the Television, Film and Theater section of this site. Following are some great video captions of the event:

The Great Canadian Strip Search

The One-And-Only Full Monty Beach Party!!!
Story by Jonathon
(Special thanks to our lovely photographer, Amethyst)

This past summer a private, not-for-profit party was held on a beauty beach in southern California with the theme being "The One-and-Only Full Monty Beach Party". It was organized by a group of young professionals, and it was done through the Internet. Through various discussions forums, chat rooms, video conference servers and the like, it came together. An invitation was posted on the net discussing the party and the mission, and all women over 18 were invited. For the benefit of the women, we were a little more selective with the guys focusing on nice (considerate) guys that were somewhat younger and physiques ranging from full-time body builders and athletes to slender physiques. Ultimately, about 40 showed with the women being a majority.

However, the women had full control over the rules of the party, and all men were notified of such rules before hand and had to comply if they wished to come. The rules were set through e-mails and a discussion forum tagged to the invitation site, which also had a description of the planned party plus pictures of some of the participants.

We've recently updated the site, although our next party is on hold.  Here it is:

The One-And-Only Full Monty Party!!!

Following are the rules the women set for the party:

  • All men had to strip totally nude during the dance routine at the beginning of the party. Once nude, they had to remain fully nude until the end of the party. Any man showing up with his girlfriend or wife, and the guys assisting in throwing the party also had to be completely naked.
  • The women would remain fully clothed for the entire party and no pressure nor suggestions would be made that they remove anything.
  • The guys had to be courteous and respect the women and basically be servants to the women, get them drinks and tend to their needs.
  • The girls would be encouraged to prick tease the guys mercilessly, which was fun for them because with the mens' cocks on full display, the women could instantly see which prick teasing techniques were working best.
  • he women could fondle any part of the mens' bodies at any time.
The party was erotic, fun and by the end the women were definitely getting the guys off. A second one is in the planning stages but at a different California venue.


Our Beautiful Choreographer
The beautiful choreographer, Sundae (a professional dancer at a men's club) learned about the up coming Full Monty Beach Party and e-mailed us "I'd love to come!". We met her at the club she works at (WOW!) between her dance routines. On the day of the event she showed with a big smile and gave the guys instructions, but frankly, insofar as poety in motion goes, advice was also given that the guys should keep their day jobs.

Prick Teasing the Guys
We learned early on in the discussion forums that not only were the women unconcerned about the guys becoming aroused, but that they wanted the opportunity to watch the guys walk around naked, fully erect and very horny. As you can see from one naked stripper in the background, their wishes were answered. The girls were so successful at prick teasing the guys that by the middle of the afternoon, the girls were constantly grinning as they watched the naked guys strut around with bouncing boners.

Kissing a happy girl
One of the dancers comes off stage to plant a kiss on an admiring girl. Kissing, touching and "bonding" were major party activities. By the end of the day, many had paired off and were swopping phone numbers and e-mails.

The Measurements
The girls decided they would find out once and for all if there was any truth to the myth that a man's hand size equals his erect penis size. The girls brought tape measurers and had the men stand nude in front of the delighted female crowd. Then, the girls would either fondle his cock, or he would masturbate while the ladies watched him become erect. Once erect one of the girls would take the measurements, measuring from the base where his dick met the the top of the balls to the tip of the penis, she would then wrap the tape measurer around the erect penis shaft to check girth and then measure the distance from the base of the hand to the end of the middle finger. Another girl kept score. Although not all guys were measured, those that were indicated that the ratios were inconsistent; hence, there was no correlation!

Fondling the guys
Pursuant to their instructions, this guy stands obediently as he allows two females to fondle his cock. Much of the day involved touching and feeling. One of the girls laid on her towel with two guys on either side of her, with her hands holding their balls tightly. She laughed and said "I love having guys by the balls!", which drew laughter from the other girls sitting there and watching.

Masturbating the Men
An enthusiastic group of ladies eagerly grab this one guy as he gives each girl a turn to stroke his hard, erect cock. At one point, two girls told me they were disappointed in that they were promised (by me in an e-mail) to have an opportunity to watch a guy masturbate to climax. I did remember promising, but was somewhat joking at the time. Pursuant to the rules in that the guys must do as the women say, they demanded to watch me jack off...and this is absolutely the truth. Two more girls concurred as one began to stroke me. Once erect she stopped and said she wanted to watch me jack myself off, and the others agreed.

I laid back, spread my legs and began to jack off. At one time one asked me to stop, move my hands and allow her and the other girls to view the precum coating my hard shaft. She proceeded to rub the tip of her finger over the penis hole and pull off showing the others the thick clear fluid. She then told me to continue jacking off and I obediently complied.

The attention of other girls were now gravitating to this scene as another stood above and took pictures (but I haven't gotten them yet). Finally, I began to cum shooting my load in high arcs all over my chest. But as I did one girl was way too loud as she laughingly yelled "He's cumming! He's squirting! Look at it!!". I believe her intention was to draw the attention of all the other girls not yet watching to my dick the very second as I was cumming, which definitely worked. It sort of stopped me for a second as I have never had an official proclamation announcing to the world I was having an orgasm (as if anyone ever does). But I continued to the laughter and applause of the girls watching.

By the end of the party, we were exhausted but all had big smiles. We hugged, swopped phone numbers and promised we'd do it again.

My First Bachelorette Party
Story by Rhonda

My friend Melinda was getting married and we organized an incredible bachelorette party for her. It began with a dozen of us piling into a stretch limousine and subsequently drinking profusely as we headed to a very chic restaurant. After a great dinner we took the limo to a girlfriend's house.

We began taking tequila shots and having a great time when there was a knock on the door. We opened it to see our limousine driver indicating that his time was up and needed to return the limo. In reality, it wasn't the driver but a male entertainer we hired as the real limo driver was still with the car, but Melinda seemed to have not caught on. He was extremely buff with blue eyes and dark brown hair.

He came in indicating he needed to be paid immediately and when asked who was in charge, we all pointed to Melinda. She was truly befuddled. She said she wasn't the one that hired the limo, which prompted him to grab a chair and place it in the middle of the room instructing Melinda to sit in it.

photo from
awesome site!
Melinda was beginning to figure it out, but played along. At that moment, he handed a girl a tape which she put it in the sterio and played. He started to dance to the music slowly unbuttoning his suit, shirt and then taking off his clothes until he was only in his boxer shorts. After he did this he began to unbutton Melinda's dress and removing it. Although she resisted he was persistent and soon had her in her bra and panties.

As he gyrated his hips in front of Melinda he began pulling down his shorts to reveal a bright red g-string. For the next few minutes he was all over Melinda rubbing his body in a very erotic manner up and down her, rubbing his crotch on her leg and up her torso. The girls were going nuts yelling "Melinda - take it off! All off!" Finally Melinda complied as he turned with his tight butt in her face. She grabbed the g-string from the sides and lowered it to his knees. We all went wild when we saw a large thick penis and a healthy pair of balls pop out as she did.

With that he began to gyrate his hips again going around the room. As he danced in front of each girl we looked with excitement as we watched his dick flop back and forth. Then, one of the girls couldn't resist and reached over and grabbed it. Much to are pleasant surprise, he didn't move as dancers do in clubs. I guess a private party is quite different in that regards. He let her fondle his penis and reach underneath his balls and grab them. He then moved to the next girl, and again, allowed her the same pleasure.

This was having a visible effect on him and he was obviously enjoying it. The girls watched his penis swell until it was fully erect, which gave us an opportunity to stroke it as he passed by.

He then returned to Melinda who was beet red as she covered her face laughing. He spread her legs standing between them with his erect shaft pointing at her face about a foot away. He gyrated all over her rubbing his cock all over her body, humping her leg and running it up her abdomen.

As she looked at his cock, he began to fondle it. At that moment the girls started to shout at him telling him to masturbate it when a chant arose amongst the girls, "JACK-IT-OFF! JACK-IT-OFF"

I took a big gasp as he began to do exactly that. I had never seen a man jack off before, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. It was wonderful watching him stroke his long hard penis shaft and watching his balls sway as he did. He stopped from time to time to allow Melinda to participate in his masturbation, which she did. Then he began to jack off passionately and the girls were ecstatic as he started to squirt his cum all over Melinda's torso and legs. And he came a lot bathing her in a glaze of semen.

After he finished he kissed her deeply and proceeded to put his clothes on as we all applauded and cheered. As he left I noticed my panties were soaked all over my crotch, and I know I wasn't the only one!


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