Links and Related Sites

Following are some of our favorite links relating to the theme of Visual Sensations for Women. 


Online Web Magazines & Journals:

  • Scandalous Women - Possibly the best online journal addressing the more hedonistic side of women-related topics. Described as "for the cosmo girl's trashier sister", Scandalous Women is devoted to the sexual empowerment of women. 

  • Connoisseurs of Cock (A thinking woman's guide...) - Through unabashed writing and a scorching wit, the author of this site (known as the Queen of Cock) pulls down the pants of men and focuses her intellect on men and their members while taking away the cherished mystique which with they hold their dicks.  The site includes many links to articles, stories and scientific analyses, all related to male genitalia.


Venues & Places to Experience CFNM:

  • The Hungry Duck, Moscow, Russia - The owner of this club and its web site is actually a male stripper featured on our web site, loves our web site and has asked us to feature his club on it. The patrons of the club are typically some of the most beautiful girls and come to watch the male strippers take it all off. Sexual demonstrations on stage is not uncommon.
  • Club Relate - Featured on the Playboy Channel and Penthouse Magazine, this party club in Florida provides a clothing optional environment where people may masturbate in the presence of a mix-gender group. It is oriented to both exhibitionists and voyeurs, and provides an opportunity for women to watch nude men masturbate.
  • Thad's - Located in San Diego, Thad's is a swinger club whereby the dress is cfnm, that is, women wear provocative clothing to tantalize and prick tease the men, however, all men must remain completely nude the entire evening for the women's viewing enjoyment.


Femdom & BDSM Related:

  • Northern California Tea and Discussion Society -  One of our favorites!  This is a real, not-for-profit club featuring a  delightful group of women that meet routinely in northern California for teas and female discussion.  Men are only allowed to be present as servants and must remain respectful, quiet and cater to the needs of the women as they stand there dutifully by the tables awaiting orders from the women have their tea and biscuits.   Oh yes,  all of these male servants must remain completely naked the entire time they are there (well, a bowtie is expected).  The women, who are always fully clothed, aren't there for sexual play or swinging, but for female discussion and to enjoy seeing men not only stripped of all their clothes, but their dignity too.  The group appears to be growing (yes!!) and they continually accept new female members to the group, and men may apply to be servers. 
  • Femdom Forum - A plethora of discussion topics including "cfnm" and other areas of female dominance.


Picture Posting Web Sites & Forums:

  • Coccozella's - This is our favorite site, not only because she is are sponsor (smile) offering us this web site space, but also because it is by far the best web site for one to see photos and videos of naked people in very public places.  Nude beaches and events that provide the best opportunities for voyeurs and exhibitionists to experience full nudity in the presence of many others in open, public venues.
  • The Hetero Handjob Fan Club  - A picture posting, video and links forum that is one of the most extensive as it pertains to one central theme, women masturbating men.


Please e-mail us with additions, and after review for content, we'll post it if it is germane to VSFW




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