The Second Annual
One-And-Only Full Monty Party


Last year a group of young professional men and women organized a party at a beautiful sunny beach in Southern California. The theme of the party was "The One-and-Only Full Monty Beach Party". A large number showed with a majority being female. Many friendships were made, and based upon numerous requests for a repeat, the planners have decided to host another. But this year we have found a fantastic venue - a wonderful estate.

Click on the following to see some of this year's guys that have confirmed they will be attending:

Here are some of our male party guests


And read about our last party and see some photos!:

First Full Monty Party - Story and Photos


What is the mission of the party?

As with last year, this is a private, not-for-profit party for friendly, young people to meet each other and have a great time, this is the most important aspect. But unlike other parties, ours has a fun, very unique and a bit risque twist. The guys, who will be selectively picked to attend based upon their attractiveness and good attitudes, will perform a full striptease for the girls. But don't worry ladies, although the men will be partying with us au natural, the women will not be required to remove anything, and it is prohibited for guys to request the girls to do so.  Basically, the theme of the party specifically requires the women to remain clothed throughout the party for reasons discussed below.   This is simply a party wherein the girls can come and be voyeurs, watch and flirt with nude guys, enjoy food and drink then return home in the evening without any pressure for sexual activity.

And all the men guarantee to be courteous to all women treating them with friendliness and respect, or they will be asked to leave. Full nudity is mandatory for all men present for the duration of the party, including boyfriends, husbands and any males coming in your party.  Some refreshments and music will be provided (hope you like Jimmy Buffet!). There will also be contests and prizes for all.

Who is invited? Who should Attend?

Space will be limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Where and When?

We are presently considering several venues to host this next party.   Last year we planned it at at the La Villa Estate (see link below). We would like to get a strong following prior to committing to a venue such that the venue will be closer to where most people are coming.  It is our plan to have these become regular parties during warm weather.

La Villa Estate

Cost to Come

As we've said, this is a non-profit event and we will request donations to cover our costs. We will be renting this estate, and therefore must ask for a small donation. Any excess proceeds after payment of expenses are kept to host the next part of the same theme.




La Villa Estate

North San Diego County

The Second Annual Full Monty Party was held at the La Villa Estate in the pristine countryside of North San Diego County. Located on a large estate, this 6,000 square foot Villa provides seclusion from adjoining properties such that the risque fun of the party may progress unhindered by prying eyes of others. The owner of the estate is fully aware of the nature of the party and loves the concept. The Villa will be exclusive to our use, and although the women at our parties always set and control the agenda as to the amount of contact and erotic fun, the owners indicated they would not set any prohibitions on the level of erotic activity (however, there will be rules set concerning alcohol and drug usage).

View of Multi-Level Pools

La Villa Features

  • Huge 6,000 square feet estate
  • Pool and spa
  • Outdoor pool deck area
  • Large bar and pool room
  • Large livingroom with fireplace
  • Ample parking

Photos of La Villa Estate

Pool, Jacuzzi and Deck Area

Porte-cochere Entrance

View of Surrounding Countryside

One of the Gathering Areas

Well-appointed Private Baths

Directions to La Villa Estate

Directions will be given once attendance list and date is confirmed

Instructions Upon Arrival

Instructions will be given once attendance list and date is confirmed

I'd like to know more & put me on your mailing list! Email us at the below address with any questions. Men wishing to participate must include a full description of themselves including age, height, weight, general occupation and at least two photos of themselves, which will be verified Note: those that have misrepresented themselves will be aggressively turned away at the event.. Emails (both men & women) with photos will receive first priority. Looking forward to a great time!