Female Photograpers Photographing Nude Men

Until recent times, women were discouraged from pursuing the art of painting or photographing a nude male subject. During the Renaissance and other periods, paintings depicting nude women were acceptable as art although male nude depictions were viewed as obscene, primarily due to the male dominated churches and governments.

This was especially true for female artists that depicted male nudes, as portrayed in the film to the right, Artemisia, which is the true story of one such female artist that was shunned.

Women are now becoming more prevalent in the genre of nude male photography and art with some compelling works being created. Below some of these female artists are featured with links to sites featuring their work. One particular woman employs a dominantly sexual approach to her male models, Za-Hazzanani. Here is a National Post article on her and her unorthodox modus operandi with her nude male subjects:

She Likes Them Fast

But what do women really want to see in male nude photography? According to an article sited in "sexuality.org - Society for Human Sexuality", a survey of womens' viewing desire was taken amongst Norwegian and Dutch women. Cupido, the womens' magazine conducting the survey, indicated that in photographs of nude men, the women almost unanimously want to see the male sexually aroused and fully erect. However, they go further saying "The man in the picture is more than allowed to fondle his own body or masturbate", and as one woman respondent puts it, "I very much like watching a man fondle himself, a man who has allowed himself to enter the sexual room completely." The article can be read in its entirety here (scroll down to the part that begins "Meanwhile, back in Norway..."):

Womens' views on photography of nude male models

Vivienne Maricevic
This photograph is the work of the very well-known New York photographer, Vivienne Maricevic. Vivienne has produced many powerful works, much of which feature nude men with many containing very striking eroticism. Vivienne has a particular series germane to this forum, entitled "Men and Me" in which she photographs naked men fully erect and sometimes masturbating while also showing a portion of her in the picture, such as her foot or hand. In the photo to the left, she draws the viewers attention to the nude model's erect cock, "pointing" focus and emphasis. Vivienne's work can be seen at her web site:

Me & Men

Magazine Photographers
Playgirl Magazine trail blazed the pathway for women to enjoy heterosexual photography of nude men in the 1970s. Since then, they continue to expand the erotic horizons of such photography for women. Most of the photographers and photographic support such as makeup, wardrobe and lighting staff for such shoots are female. And such shoots now routinely involve the model masturbating in front of these women to obtain an erection for the shoot. Given that the photographer often shoots the man in various states of erection, one can only imagine the erotic element of a male model posing completely naked in front of these women as the photographer instructs him as to how much he should play with himself to produce the desired affect. And no doubt the female support have a good time watching him.

In this series, a female Playgirl photographer depicts a fantasy sequence in which a girl goes on a nature hike to discover a man that has gone fishing. She secretly watches him strip naked and subsequently masturbate. During the photo shoot he of course was nude whereas the female model remained clothed. One can only imagine the fun the photographer, her crew and the gorgeous female model had as they spent a sunny day with this completely naked male model having friendly conversations and watching him jack off between shoots.

Other Female Photographers
A free Internet publication that features erotic stories, news and photography is Nerve Magazine. This magazine also features various works by Vivienne Maricevic as well as other female photographers and writers. You can visit it here:

Nerve Magazine

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