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This site explores the current legal status and actual accounts of female personnel at correctional facilities being the presence of nude male inmates, monitoring showers and conducting full strip searches. Below is a discussion of court rulings that have allowed women to now enjoy all of the duties ascribed to male guards and male personnel at these facilities, at least at the federal level.

Following this are stories as reported by some of these women and men that have personally experienced such cross-gender monitoring activities.

Legal Facts About Female Officers and Male Inmates
Research Conducted by Site Administrators

This treatise exams the current legal status at the federal level for cross-gender monitoring of inmates. It has direct references to public records and court documents that explain in fact and in some detail what the current legal status is for female employees in prisons, detention facilities and correctional boot camps, to conduct full strip searches of men, to view them while showering and using the toilet, and to monitor their jail cells 24 hours a day. It also presents actual stories, as found in these documents.

It should be noted that individual state policies, as well as the policies from facility to facility, are sometimes more restrictive as to cross-gender monitoring of inmates. Hence, although one state may allow female personnel unrestricted access to any area of the facility or as to certain duties, some states or facilities may prohibit it. This addresses what is allowed under federal laws, which deal with constitutional and human rights.

As you will find, the many federal court cases have resulted in all female employees, (not just female guards) being entitled to be present and "closely view" completely naked inmates "routinely and frequently". Such situations are now routine in prisons, correctional facilities and boot camps, with more frequency at the lower security facilities. In essence, because of Title VII (equal opportunity statute), no distinction shall be made in any role assignments or activities by correctional personnel as to gender. Such cases as Hayes v. Marriott and others referenced have cleared the pathway for women to have full reign in these facilities.

The reason for the references identified is that these are the most notorious true accounts of women forcing men to fully strip in their presence with the legal system supporting such actions. Although such things happen frequently, only court documents provide descriptive accounts and details. As you can read for yourselves in the URLs that connect directly to the court documents and allegations, everything presented is completely factual and true. In some of the discussions, the appellate court summaries left out details, which we later found when researching other articles, references and/or reading a more descriptive overview from the lower courts.

Any court cases cited below can be accessed through the Aele Law Library of Court Summaries for prisons/jails. They have already compiled the lists for us including court cases centering on strip searches:

Females Conducting Strip Searches of Men

And privacy:

Privacy for Inmates

Facts and FAQs:

  1. What is a strip search vs. body cavity search?

    A strip search is when the inmate must remove all clothing stripping completely naked for the guard(s). The guards then go through the clothing and will typically view all external areas of the inmate. This includes a close inspection of the entire nude body including the genital area, which usually entails the inmate having to lift his penis allowing the guard(s) to view the underside of the penis and top of balls, to pull his testicles to the right, left and then up for viewing beneath the scrotum and to view the backside of the balls. When uncircumcised, the guards often ask the inmate to roll back the penis foreskin for inspection underneath and around the head of the penis, presumable looking for small quantities of drugs. A body cavity search begins with a strip search and also includes an inspection of the mouth and anal orifices. Anal inspection requires the inmate to turn around, bend over and spread his butt cheeks to allow inspection of his anus. It is either tactile, which includes the guards probing into the orifices, or visual in which the guards often use a small flashlight to inspect the orifices.

    FACT: Female guards may now freely and routinely conduct full strip searches as well as visual body cavity searches of all male inmates without any male guards being present. This was affirmed in the following Federal Appellate Court Ruling:

    Canedy v. Boardman

    Letcher v. Turner (see Paragraph III)

  2. Who may monitor the showers?

    FACT: Female guards are allowed full access to all prison areas and may be stationed in the open shower areas. An Alabama federal court ruled that the common practice of having female guards in an Alabama facility overseeing the showering activities was constitutional. This included the women being stationed actually within the shower facilities with the nude male inmates bathing right in front of them with a completely unobscured view. The courts further added is was the duty of these female guards to closely watch the men as they bathed; hence, in the eyes of the courts, their "gawking" at the genitals or nude butts of the male inmates is not only permissible, but it is their duty if they are to fully monitor the inmates. Several other cases included a guard tower over a shower area and camera monitoring of all shower and toilet areas by female personnel. All have been ruled in favor of allowing these women full monitoring responsibilities.

  3. Are all female employees allowed to view naked inmates, not just the female guards?

    FACT: Yes. In Hayes v. Marriott, a routine shakedown was taking place at a correctional facility. It was large and all the inmates were required to undergo visual cavity searches at the same time. They were marched into the main area and all were ordered to strip completely naked. The facts indicated that there were 100 correctional employees immediately present which included many women. Of this, they include female guards, female correctional officers, female case managers, female administration staff and even female secretaries to assist administration in taking notes. In addition, the warden had an officer videotape the entire searching for future reference.

    The men remained totally, completely naked for the shakedown in full and close view of all the women, who were assisting in the inspections. The plaintiff, Hayes, describes having to hold his testicles up while many women watched and the embarrassment associated with it. Portions of the dismissal of his case were upheld, portions remanded to the lower court for more factual assessment. It was ultimately upheld: the court docs:

    Hayes v. Marriott

  4. Can numerous females be present to intentionally watch full strip and body cavity searches of male inmates even though their presence is not required?

    FACT: Yes. The above case cites the need for women to be fully trained in all facets of their job such that they can independently conduct activities. This includes their closely observing such strip searches. Some of the inmates had objected when non-essential personnel, all women, were

    In reference #13 of the "privacy" listing of court rulings at the top of this treatise, some of the female guards took it a step further and would solicit the naked male inmates to masturbate while they watched.


    Given all the legal precedent, the prisons are past the point of no return insofar as females having the ability to conduct full strip searches, watch the naked male inmates bathe, use the toilet and even masturbate routinely, frequently and without any reticence. And the courts took it further indicating it need not be an extraordinary reason, but simply a non-gender based job activity, and, that it was the DUTY of the women to cast more than a glance; rather to closely watch fully viewing the inmates at times when they are fully naked. They can watch singularly or in groups, even enjoying the viewing of the nude inmates attributes without much recourse from the inmates, and the women do not necessarily have to be guards but any female performing a function for the system that if a male were performing, would put in the position to watch.

    If anyone has any objecting commentary, please post in our discussion forum or e-mail us as we are still learning more. But please be gracious enough to post factual backing such as court documents or articles readily accessible on the net as opposed to hearsay.


Being Young and Slender is No Obstacle to Monitoring Nude Inmates

This story begins with a Supreme Court affirmation of a district court's ruling in favor of a young woman that filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Corrections. Dianne Rawlison was a 22 year old girl that wanted to be able to work as a correctional officer in one of Alabama's all-male prison facilities, and wanted such duties to be identical to those of the male officers. These duties included full strip searches as well as monitoring tasks of all areas of the facilities. However, being slender, she weighed less than 120 pounds, and the Alabama DOC denied her the position arguing that she did not meet the minimum 120 pound weight required for all guards. She filed suit under the Equal Opportunity laws and the district court ruled against the prison system, and it was affirmed by the US Supreme Court stating that a greater percentage of women weigh less than 120 lbs. than men, and therefore, according to Title VII, it constituted discrimination based upon sex. To read the full decision, you may go to this great website of US Supreme Court Decisions and click on the case "Dothard v. Rawlinson":

Archive of Historic
Supreme Court Decisions

Consequently, she got the job.

To paint a picture of what this meant to her, here is what the court docs stated about the all-male prison:

Their inmate living quarters are, for the most part, large dormitories, with communal showers and toilets that are open to the dormitories and hallways. [They] carry on extensive farming operations, making necessary a large number of strip searches for contraband when prisoners reenter the prison buildings.

For a visualization of what she and other women do:

Visualize Dianne in this role as a slender, young attractive girl at the budding age of 22. Given the very large number of strip searches required daily, her duties demand she (and other female guards) assist. In a large, open area, she and the other guards wait for the prisoners to arrive from their daily duties. Upon the inmates' arrival, they are ordered to stand in a long line facing the guards. Dianne and the other guards then order the prisoners to strip and they watch as all the men take off every article of clothing. They pile their clothes behind them and the clothes are then collected by the laundry inmates. With their clothes gone, the prisoners are now standing in a long line completely, totally naked facing Dianne and the other guards.

All the guards, including Dianne, begin to do same thing. She approaches the first naked man, and standing in front of him she instructs to stretch his arms out to the side. She looks in his mouth and under his tongue, under his arms, and tells him to lift his feet looking at their soles. Her duties now require her to look down at the man's dick. This requires her to bend over a bit to get a very close view of his penis. If he is uncircumcised and has an unusually large foreskin, she make ask him to pull the foreskin back so she can inspect the head of his penis and to assure he isn't carrying in minute quantities of drugs. She then tells him to lift his penis so she can see it's underside. With his penis held back, she can now see his entire balls dangling - she looks directly at his balls...no doubt as she examines each of the mens' balls there are times when she says to herself "My god..now those are BIG balls!" as she gazes closely at them.

She then tells him to lift his balls up so she can look at the back of them - it is important she sees every part of his entire scrotum. She then instructs him to turn around, bend over and spread his cheeks so she can inspect his anus. After he complies, he then stands there as she moves on to the next naked man, and does the same search with him.

After she has inspected the ass, penises and balls of many, many naked men, they are ordered into the showers, and she follows them. The men are denied any cover up whatsoever and in a long line march completely naked with Dianne through the facilities wherein countless other female personnel are present and watch the procession as well. When they reach the showers, her duties include her standing at the open showers and watching the men bathe, as guards are required to monitor these inmates at all times. Courts have ruled that her looking at, say, the naked butt of a cute guy or checking out a guy's unusually large dick or balls is not only acceptable, but it is her duty to monitor them fully and constantly obsserving them, including observing these parts of the naked inmates' anatomy. After she watches all the men bath, they then put on clean uniforms.

This is part of her and other females daily duties.

A Female Employee Tells of Her Experiences at a Male Boot Camp

My most interesting and unusual job experience occurred during a summer job I had at the age of 20. I was a freshman at the University of Michigan and taking courses in criminal psychology as at the time I wanted to pursue a career as a federal investigator. My uncle was in law enforcement and through his contacts, I got a summer job at a Midwest correctional facility for young men.

This facility was a state-run boot camp that served as an alternative for young male law offenders, typically between 18 and 29, offering them the opportunity to avoid hard time. It was run like a military boot camp in which the correctional officers would get the inmates up at 5:30 a.m. and begin a rigorous exercise and work program that was exhaustive, ending with rehab type classes in the evening.

As I learned, recent court rulings under EEO guidelines made it permissible for women, in their roles and duties as correctional officers, case managers and administrative support, to be present and witness all aspects of the training. This is still a fairly new opportunity for women as even in the early 90s women were restricted. My job was in the summer of 1996, just after all doors had been fully opened to women.

I was hired as an administrative assistant to the CO of the camp. He was an interesting guy, very nice to me but could be a real crack-whip. On my first day he and I sat and discussed my duties which included some clerical work but mostly in the way of case file management and assisting in his duties. He understood my career goals and told me he would expose me to everything that happens at the camp as it would be very educational, and, he said that it was his goal to expose all women to all facets of running and operating such a camp for their very needed training. In addition, no one could accuse him of sex discrimination when hiring as I was amazed at how many positions women had filled, albeit still a minority of total staff.

My first morning a group of seven new inmates arrived for indoctrination. I was given a seat at a receiving area with a list of perfunctory items to be completed by the guards. There was one other female, Melinda, who was a new correctional officer about my age, and would soon become a great friend and soul mate. There were two male guards and the CO either standing or sitting at the tables with us. On the opposite side of the room was a wall with a door. I heard some a guard barking orders outside and in came the new inmates through the door facing us. They had just gotten off the bus.

As the door flew open seven young men and a correctional officer marched in into the room. The guard then ordered the new inmates to form a line facing us standing at arms length apart. They were wearing standard issued orange jump suits. Four were white, two were black and one was hispanic. The officer told them to face forward and keep their eyes looking straight ahead. Like a drill sergeant, he would scream at any guy who's eyes veered and looked elsewhere, especially if he looked at me or Melinda.

He then ordered them to strip. The inmates slowly started to remove their clothes taking off their shoes, socks, and orange jump suit but a couple seemed to hesitate about their underwear until the guard yelled again at them to take everything off. Although I knew this would happen, I wasn't expecting my heart to race so much as I witnessed it, especially watching at their shorts were pulled down exposing their genitals to all of us.

I looked at the guys and was impressed by some of their builds...young, muscular and well endowed. The guard then ordered them to place their clothes in a pile in front of them. It was a surreal feeling for me. Here I was with 7 men all roughly my age (and some could have even gone to high school with me), standing no more than a dozen in feet in front of me stark naked.

The guard again yelled at one of the guys for glancing at Melinda. She was something to look at too, with a curvaceous figure that the state issued uniform couldn't even hide and long red hair and pretty green eyes. Melinda and I would later reflect about how the guard keeping the guys' eyes from looking at us gave us an opportunity to catch more than a glimpse of the guys' cocks. We were free to have a really good, long look at each guy's penis and balls as they dangled in front of us and later we'd compare notes.

Then, the guards would search each new inmate and order them one-by-one to lift up their penis, pull their balls to the left and right, then turn around. I felt guilty taking as much delight as I did in checking out the naked asses of the guys facing Melinda and me. They were then ordered to lift their feet up and then bend over and spread their butt cheeks for inspection allowing everyone to view their anuses. I looked up at Melinda and the tiny smirk on her face betrayed her composed manner. She was enjoying this too!

Still naked, they were then ordered to turn around and stand there facing us for about 15 minutes as camp regulations were shouted at them with threats as to consequences for various transgressions. There was a large glass window behind us separating the corridor from the room, and administrative staff would sometimes walk by, including secretaries and the like. I was amazed at the exposure to females these nude inmates were forced to endure.

They were then marched into an adjoining room where their heads were shaved, and then ordered to shower. They remained nude the whole time during indoctrination marching down the hallway routinely being in full view of other female administrative staff, which I later learned was a routine thing the women had to get used to - that is being in the presence of naked inmates. Their old clothes would be gathered to be returned to the county and a new set of camp clothes and boots issued to them.

I was a little surprised at how freely the CO would have inmates strip nude, or allow female staff to be in the presence of nude male inmates during showering or work.

That summer was a real experience for me, in many ways. Given the guys had no privacy, it was not uncommon to see them nude and in very compromising situations.

A reader responds to the story of the staff female at the boot camp
by Don

I was sentenced to two years at a boot camp in Virginia. I was 26 and plead guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to sell. That story about the inmates being marched off the bus and strip searched is quite credible. Myself and three others were brought to the inmate reception center on a Monday afternoon. We had to strip naked, submit to searches and be yelled and screamed at by these macho drill sergeants. The whole time several female staff were present or walked by as we stood there totally naked. We had absolutely no privacy. It was quite common for female staff to witness us showering. I can assure you that first day where we were in a line being strip searched was not fun. There was absolutely nothing erotic about it whatsoever. It was actually humiliating. I've reformed now and have a good job.

Another commentary from a reader
by Delores

As a matter of information, the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) has over 2000 women working as security guards and administrative positions in men's prisons and male juvenile detention centers. There was a comprehensive article written by a female reporter in a local newspaper several years ago that chronicled the daily routines of three female correctional officers. The women, whose on-the-job pictures (sorry, no naked men) appeared in the article, confirmed that they saw hundreds of naked men daily. The article was presented from the standpoint of the male prisoner's "right to privacy" vs. women's "right to work".

If you have any first hand accounts of cross-gender monitoring at facilities, please e-mail us or contribute to the discussion board.


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