Women in Control

 *WARNING* This section of our site deals with a bit "rougher" subject, primarily women that desire to be in full control and men that subject themselves to such control.

This is the corner of the site where men must disrobe completely before answering in obeyance to the women. In here we explore the sexual tension created when a woman has complete control, and the man is naked and vulnerable to her whims and desire.  Part of the thrill experienced in such dominance may be more than just stripping the man of his clothes and dignity, including having an audience of other women present such that they too may watch and laugh at his naked humiliation.


Dominant Women
The liberation of women now has put them in many powerful roles in our society. Some men fear it, some men relish it, but in here we find men that do both.

Subjected to Control
For many men, granting ultimate control to women is an emotional and erotic nervana. Here a group of young attractive women take absolute control over their naked male slave.

Naked Punishment
Being naked and punished by women in control often brings immediate arousal, as can be seen here. Seeing this naked man in such an aroused state has attracted the punishing intent of these girls

Naked Humiliation
Hollywood has not missed the poignant humility brought on by being stripped naked in front of the opposite sex. In the scene from the movie Tank shown to the right, a woman gets even with a chauvinistic man having him strip naked and tied to a pole in public as she taunts him.


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