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Following are stories that have been submitted to this and other forums over the years, or, were copied from news articles or editorials.   Unless otherwise noted, the stories are all non-fictional, as reported by those which experienced them.

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Strip Poker and Other Games

Humiliation surpassing just stripping naked 

Story by Dwight

I guess my worst humiliation occurred when I was in my Freshman year in college. The parents of a buddy of mine were spending the weekend at their home in Palm Springs and he had the house to himself. We invited over four girls and two other buddies. We had shots of tequila and were having a great time. My friend said he had told the girls earlier in the week about it and joked about playing strip poker, and to his delight, they seemed interested.

As the party wore on and we loosened up, my friend was anxious to start the game of strip poker. To my surprise one of the girls, Suzanne, had a deck of cards with her. I was later to discover the significance of this, but at the time thought it showed eagerness on her part. Suzanne was outgoing, fun loving and certainly mischievous.

She dictated the rules as follows: five card draw and the winning hand could instruct anyone playing to remove one article of clothing. If you lost a hand, you had to remove an article of clothing, and if you folded, you were out but did not have to remove anything, unless the winning hand told you to; however, every third time you folded you had to remove an article of clothing. The game would be played until either all the girls or all the guys were completely naked. The losing side would have to stand with hands at their side in full view facing the winners and sing a silly school fight song.

The coup de gras however was if one had already lost his/her clothes, he/she was then to take a dare. It was agreed it was something we could readily and easily do without harm to anyone or anything and would not lead to trouble (such as flashing neighbors). And if he/she refused to take the dare, their side would lose the game and all would have to strip and sing the song.

We played in a large den on a big rug all sitting on the floor. The girls were playing extraordinarily well. They seemed to intuitively know when to fold and when to hold. Even though we could get an article off them every once in a while when one of us would win or when they folded on a third time, clothes seemed to be coming off the guys like leaves off a tree in October. And they evidently had worn more articles. Finally, two of the guys, Tom and Robert, were down to their briefs, and on the next round one lost and the other was instructed to remove his briefs. As they did the girls laughed as the guys turned around pulling down their shorts allowing the girls to see their naked butts. They turned back around quickly sitting in a ineffective attempt to hide their cocks. The next round found me in my briefs and finally one of the girls in just a bra, skirt and panties. She was so hot looking that we were determined to see her nude and were ready to risk a lot for that opportunity. But Tom also lost again and since he was already naked, Marsha dared him to play the remainder of the game facing the girls with his legs wide apart and dick prominently displayed so they could clearly view it. He spread his legs giving them for the first time the opportunity to see his uncovered penis and balls. They laughed saying "WOOOO!!!" as they looked at it and high-fived each other for their victory. It was obvious he was embarrassed as for the remainder of the game the girls kept chuckling and making it obvious they were looking right at his dick.

The next round found another girl down to her bra and now Robert was sitting their naked with his legs spread wide for the girls giving them a view of his cock as well. Tyler still had pants and shirt on so we were hoping he'd hang on so we could see some female flesh. But Tom also lost again and we were wondering what possible dare was in store for him as he was already naked with his legs wide apart. Suzanne then smiled widely and said "we are going to take a few minutes of time out for Tom to complete this dare. Tom, we want you to sit their like you are and jack off while we all watch". The girls burst out into screeches and laughter. Tom just said, "Naw! No way...I don't think so!". She smiled nodding her head, with a look of conviction and wide eyes "Yes, all the way until you cum". He was reluctant and the girls started to high five each other saying "we won!" doubting he would.

But he then agreed. And we all sat there in tense silence as he started to play with his penis while the remaining seven of us watched. It took him a long time of playing, but the girls were very encouraging and he finally became fully erect. Then Suzanne said "OK, jack it off!" With wide smiles the girls were mesmerized as they stared at his balls bouncing watching him jack his dick off. He finally winced and moaned softly then started to squirt his cum all over his stomach and chest. Seeing this the girls laughed loudly and started applauding. He let go of his cock, leaned back with cum all over him with his erect dick already starting to become soft again.

We resumed playing and the next round found me nude, Tyler down to his briefs and yet another girl in her bra, but still no damn skin!!! We were frustrated, but Robert had also lost. Sitting their naked Marsha took Suzanne's lead and told him he would have to jack off too, but they wanted him to fill up her empty wine glass with his cum. He reached over to get it and she said no, Suzanne will hold it and she handed it to Suzanne as Suzanne got a wide-eyed "Uh-oh!!" look. Robert kneeled completely naked in front of Suzanne and the other girls and began to jack off. Their eyes were locked onto his dick as he stroked it. When he finally came Suzanne held the glass up at an angle just in front of the head of his penis as he started to squirt into the glass. All the girls focused on the tip of Robert's penis watching the streams of sperm shoot out of this penis hole into the wine goblet. He came excessively into it. The girls again laughed and applauded. They passed the glass around each of them smelling his semen and touching it. Suzanne as a joke set the glass up on the mantle saying "won't that make an interesting conversation piece!" As he stepped back his penis was bobbing and cum was still coming out when one of the girls said "Check it out, Robert's a dripper!" and they again chuckled watching drops of cum drip of the tip of his erect penis.

We resumed playing poker but ultimately the guys lost all of our clothes before we saw even one nipple. We were frustrated, but being good sports we stood naked in front of them and sang that stupid song as they laughed at us. And although we tried, we couldn't get anywhere with them. They teased us and after a while, left together with us never having the opportunity to see or touch a damn thing...the ultimate prick tease and I had a royal case of blue balls.

But after they left we were drinking some beer playing with the cards Suzanne had accidently left behind. It was only then that I looked at the box closely and it was from a magic novelty store. I looked at the cards and then realized they were marked! We never could have won from the beginning! We were soooo pissed off. Of course, the girls were very apologetic later, but never agreed to a rematch. The worse thing was seeing their friends giggle looking at me as I walked by. I know she told them all down to the embarrassing details.


Clothing-Optional Resorts

Maid service

Story by One of the Moderators

This story sounds so much like fantasy stories that are often passed for being real, I understand why some may doubt the authenticity.  But it is absolutely true.   Last year I went down to an  all-inclusive resort down in Baja on the inland side of the peninsula. 

This is a resort like Hedonism II in that it is adults-only and there is a nude portion of the resort that features a beach, a hot tub and a bar. But the culture is different than Hedo. This resort has a lot of group bookings and there seems to be a lot higher ratio of women to men. Also, a wing of the resort stretches out to the clothing optional side.  I decided to stay on the clothing optional side. From the rooms you can see out a ways onto the nude beach, but there didn't seem to be nudity in the corridors behind the rooms on the opposite side of the beach.

One morning I came to my room and saw a very cute young girl cleaning the rooms. Her name was Veronica and as I walked past, she gave me a warm smile. This warm smile was pretty consistent with all staff at the resort as it took pride in the friendliness of its personnel.  On  the way back I again saw Veronica. She must have been about 20, with deep brown eyes and long black hair in a ponytail. She did not speak English, but fortunately, my broken Spanish sufficed for us to have brief conversations.

As I passed I asked her "This is where the guests may go to the nude beach and nude hot tub?". She said in Spanish and with a smile "Yes". I then pointed to my room and told her that it was mine. I then asked her "Is it O.K. for me to walk nude in this corridor and down the stairs to the hot tub?"

She said "Yes, it's no problem at all if you would like to." She then left to clean other rooms.

After lunch I came back to my room and noticed she was cleaning the room next to mine. I then went into my room and stripped completely naked, rolled the beach towel up in my hand and stepped into the open corridor. At that very second Veronica stepped out of the room to access her cart and saw me standing there completely naked in front of her. Her eyes inadvertently glanced down to look at my dick, which was a bit inflated given the earlier anticipation.

As she looked back up at me I said "Hello" with a smile. She automatically returned the smile. I then indicated I was having problems with my air conditioning, and needed someone to look at it. This lead to a brief conversation about the air conditioning, which was apparently a problem for the entire resort due to a master chiller. The whole time we had our conversation, I was standing right in front of her totally naked with an unobstructed view of my penis and balls. Her friendliness and willingness to stand there and have a conversation with me while I was naked was exciting.

The next day i was taking a shower with the door open to the outside to allow the steam to leave the room. From the outside she could see me standing naked in front of the sink and asked if I'd like my room cleaned. Wow, I couldn't believe it. I said I would and invited her in. Damn, she was so absolutely pretty and i was so absolutely naked I couldn't help but to get a semi-erection. She started by stripping the sheets off the bed. I could have wrapped a towel around myself, but decided not to. I walked totally naked into the bed area as she was cleaning and began a friendly conversation as I gathered my clothes out of the drawers. I assembled my clothes in a folded pile on the small table but decided to leave them off and tend to other things until she had left.

At one point she was cleaning the bathroom and I needed to get my hair dryer and anti-perspirant. It was a small bathroom and she moved to get out of my way as I entered. I thought she would move forwards so I tried to step behind her, but instead she moved backwards. Her butt went into my semi-erect cock and we both laughed at the embarrassing moment. I stepped next to her getting my things and quickly ran the brush through my hair. As I did I caught her eyes glancing into the mirror looking at my penis bob and my balls swing as I did. I decided to not press it further and stepped into the main room again and blew dry my hair.

I was still naked while she finished up the main room. As she left she said she was all finished and I thanked her giving her a tip. She smiled and thanked me and said "Hasta manana".

It was a great experience and i repeated it once again, but being less concerned about my semi-erection allowing it to get even stiffer the next time. She never seemed to mind and kept working with a warm smile very willing to have a conversation with me even though I was totally naked and was enjoying being such in her presence. I also walked naked in the corridor past other female personnel as well as other clothed female guests, and if there eyes darted to my exposed dick, I'd immediately give them a warm smile and hello as if to say "Hi, I'm friendly and don't mind at all if you would like looking". They would always return the smile with a nice hello.

In addition, only a small proportion of the hotel guests would go nude. However, many of the other guests would take a short cut across the nude side to get to the main area if their hotel room was separated by that portion. One such guest was a stunning, slender girl from California. Although her fiance was there, she would sometimes come down my corridor alone. And I then figured out from her room it would have been quicker to go the opposite direction and avoid the nude area. The night before I had seen her reading a book I had, so when I saw her from my balcony coming towards the stairs, I decided to meet up with her as she came onto my corridor. I was in my room, took off my t-shirt, took off my shorts and underwear and even removed my sandals...I didn't even want a towel with me. I stepped out of my room completely naked with only my room key and the same book she had been reading. She saw me and was startled to say the least, but given it was the nude area she seemed to have at least expected something. She had that uncontrolled response of glancing down at my dick very briefly, then I smiled and said "hey there!". She said hi with a smile too and I immediately brandished the book and told her it was great, and asked her if she was enjoying it. Bam, it lead to a conversation, albeit a brief one. We stood there talking a minute or two, me being totally naked and her wearing a beautiful bikini top and sarong tied around her waist. I didn't detain her long but wanted to give her a very warm and friendly encounter to encourage her to use this part of the hotel more and to reward her voyeurism in hopes that I and other naked guys could be in her presence again. I did see her several times more :)

It was damned erotic for me. But I don't know how such encounters would have been taken in other non/nude parts of the resort as it seemed to be part of the "nude" environment attached to the activities on the far end of the hotel. For those wanting to go, the rates are cheap as they compete with the resorts in Cabo, but there are no clothing-optional resorts there.


Naked on the High Seas

Story by male contributor

In Jamaica they have several resorts with clothing optional opportunities, including Jamaica, Jamaica!, Braco Village and Hedonism II. One of the activities includes a large catamaran sailboat that can hold about 60 people. There are several large catamarans that hosts chartered tours for the various resorts and some are clothing optional. While in Jamaica I went on a four hour clothing optional cruise to some nearby caves.

A lot of people climbed aboard, including single guys, couples, and, some very cute young girls. Three of these girls, who were in their late teens or early twenties, were absolutely gorgeous and could easily have been cheerleaders. As we headed out I was praying that they would strip naked. But unfortunately, they didn't even remove so much as a top the entire trip. There were other girls and couples, but they too were not getting nude. That part was a bit of a let down even though the rest of the cruise was fantastic.

Finally, after about an hour out a German couple stripped naked and went and sunned on the fore deck. They weren't very attractive, but at least it got things going and they were soon joined by another older couple and two single guys also took off their suits. Slowly, a few more girls got topless but it still was only a handful on this huge boat.

It was somewhat erotic partying on this big boat when every once in a while one of the passengers would walk by completely naked in front of the rest that all had their suits on. I was leaning up against one of the rails facing these three cute girls just a few feet away from me making light talk with them. My heart was racing as I thought about the possibility of taking my clothes off. Leaving my drink, I went down into the hold and got my duffle. There were two young couples in the hold, but they too were clothed. I said hi, and then took off my shirt, my sandals and finally pulled down my bathing suit. I put everything I was wearing in my duffle and felt exhilarated. Here I was as stark naked from head to foot as though I were alone in the bathroom about to take a shower, getting my courage to go topside and party with dozens of clothed people in this state the rest of the trip.

As I proceeded up the steps I remember the feeling of the three girls attention turn to me in surprise as I walked completely naked back to my former spot against the rail. I work out a lot and feel I have a very buff physique, but the stares I got this particular day were especially nice as I walked in front of these girls and leaned against the rail with me drink facing them. I strategically positioned myself right in front of them such that they could easily and comfortably look at my dick without making it seem obvious they were checking it out. Earlier that morning, thinking I may in fact go nude, I had shaved my pubics back such that my penis and balls were prominently displayed and it made my dick feel that much more naked as it dangled in the line of sight of these cute girls. I was wearing my shades and made it appear I wasn't looking at these girls, but out of the corner of my eye I caught them from time to time looking at my dick. The more I thought about them being right in front of me aroused me. And knowing they could see my penis start to stiffen just made me that much more aroused. But I wasn't the only guy getting off being naked in front of these girls, and the girls certainly were letting the guys know through eye contact that they enjoyed looking at us nude guys.

I ended up talking to them for a good while. They were very friendly and flirtatious and not only seemed o.k. I was naked, but I know enjoyed it. Maybe it was the free flowing drinks, but I found the other girls on the boat were also very receptive to having a conversation with me not minding at all I was naked. The hostess of the boat was also a very cute brunette, and she too was friendly. I also observed the ladies staring at my bare ass several times too. I'd just smile at them and they'd smile back. Then I'd go make conversation with them. Of course, I wasn't the only naked guy making the rounds, but all the same, only a few of us dared to bare that much. I stayed naked the remainder of the trip.

For those interested, the boat docks at Hedonism II, and all you need to do is sign up for it (if I remember correctly, it's free if you are staying at Hedo). They say every trip is different in that on some almost all are nude and others none are nude.


Clothing-Optional Beaches

 Close Encounters of the Best Kind

Story by Brad

In one situation years back I was hit upon by a girl sitting with two girlfriends. While in college at U.T. I was at Lake Travis in Texas at a nude beach, but I wasn't nude at first. She and her two friends were coeds at U.T. and although the story would be better if I said they were cute cheerleaders, they were somewhat average in appearance, but pretty smiles with a great attitude. The entire time they never took off their bathing suits and I thought they were a bit conservative. I started a conversation with them, then she let me borrow her inflatable raft. I paddled out a ways, but still in their site. I was getting a bit horny so I took off my bathing suit to sunbathe naked. The three were watching me and smiling, then she waved for me to come back, and I thought she wanted her raft back so I returned. I decided to stay nude and when I got back she said she just wanted to talk. I sat in the water facing her on a rock at the shoreline with both of us submerged from the waist down, I naked and she in her bathing suit.

She put her leg between mine and when a boat wake would come and we would rock she "inadvertently" would let her leg rise until it "accidentally" rubbed against my balls. Feeling her bare skin against my naked cock gave me a massive hard on, and when she finally felt my erection with her leg, she evidently realized her prick teasing had worked and she left her leg nestled against my balls and the bottom of my erect cock. We continued to talk with her smiling and flirting with me as she started to subtly rub it with her leg. Her two friends were perched above us but could not see her leg against my cock and my erection due to the placement of the raft.

I forget what brought the other two into the conversation, but the four of us started to talk again in a group conversation, all the while she was secretly giving me a "leg job" underneath the raft between us. At a point in time she "inadvertently" pulled the raft to the side which gave her friends a clear view of my erect cock and what was going on. I know she wanted them to be in on it. There was a moment of silent recognition but the friendly conversation just picked up again where it had left off. She kept giving her friends a peek at what was going on underneath the raft, each time a longer one. Finally she pulled the raft completely away and put it on the shore. Being an exhibitionist I loved it!

We resumed our 4_way conversation, but now I'm totally naked in front of these three girls with the two above clearly able to see my erect dick (with about the top couple of inches now protruding out of the water) and the girls leg rubbing it beneath my balls. The two girls above acted very nonchalant about it and the conversation remained friendly, fun and full of laughter. Realizing there acceptance (and enjoyment) of the situation, I spread my legs a bit more wide and leaned back thus communicated with them in a nonverbal way full acknowledgment that this was in fact a very sexual experience and my spreading of my legs was my communicating to them I enjoyed them watching and an invitation for them to visually focus on what was going on. Their looks, the light hearted and friendly conversation plus the smiles was their way of communicating their acceptance of my invitation.

We talked for a couple of more minutes and the girl rubbing my cock said "let's float a while". We grabbed the float and pushed off. We were both hanging onto the sides of the float facing each other. We get out about 20 yards and while holding onto the raft with one hand, she reached down and grabbed my dick with the other. She played with it a minute or to then wrapped her legs around my waist.

Now, mind you since we've floated out about 20 yards, we are no longer in the view of just the two girls, but rather a dozen or so other beach goers sitting around. And this is the part I still can't believe to this day. She pulled her bathing suit to the side of her pussy while wrapping her legs around my waist such that my hard cock was thrust against her pussy. Then, she reached down, grabbed my erect shaft and slid it in. My God, I was fucking her in front of everyone. I tried to make our movements coincide with the rhythm of the wakes, but somehow they were not in sync. I got so hot and she started to moan...I ended up just going for it in reckless abandon. We were fucking, not subtly, but outright hard and obvious with moans and looks on our faces that were very evident. Every once in a while I looked at the shore and everyones' eyes were glued on us watching us fuck. We fucked until I came inside her, and then we went back to the shore. Her friends still acted nonchalant and friendly not acknowledging anything happened, and nothing sexual was ever discussed.

I got my things, my towel, etc. and moved them next to the girls and we spent the next hour never mentioning anything. The girls and I swapped phone numbers and promised to stay in touch and to meet up again, but the girl I just laid reminded me she had a boyfriend. I never saw them again. I realize that it was unsafe, but it was on me so fast and she had gotten me so horny I just lost control.


Beach Tease

Story by Brad

These days I live near the Pacific coast. About two months ago during a summer weekday, I decided to take the day off and go lay out at the beach. During the week the beaches aren't very crowded, which can be nice. I arrived and walked about 1/4 a mile down the clothed area to the area typically used by the nudist.

On this day there were about 12 people at the beach. Of this, two were older couples laying close to the dunes, and the rest were men. All were nude. For those that have gone to nude beaches you will find nothing unusual about this as men typically outnumber the women. But on that day it was extreme.

I noticed a girl and a guy had come and thrown their towels down in middle of the nude area, yet neither took off their clothes. She was incredibly attractive. Long blonde hair, very slim figure with nice breasts (not big, but certainly firm). Best of all she had a wonderful ass.  For some reason the guy got packed his things and left leaving the girl alone.

My towel was about 30 yards from her. She was laying on her stomach reading a book as I walked by. She was wearing a tight bikini bottom and her top was undone but not removed. She no doubt knew how all the guys were all watching her.  I laid there nude for about an hour also reading a book and glancing at her discreetly through my sunglasses.

On the opposite side of her I observed a guy. He was being much less discreet in his adoration of her, and I saw him sitting there stroking his cock looking at her. This is a major taboo and typically scares women away. However, some women (and ladies, love your thoughts on this), actually donāt mind it, and Iāve even talked to a girl or two that liked watching, particularly if they believe he is fantasizing over them.

She then decided to walk down the beach. As she did I noticed her hips swaying in that over-exaggerated sexy way a girl walks when she knows she is being watched and wants to send out sexual energy. But despite everyone else being naked, she left her bikini on.

With the tide being as high as it was, the path to walk along the beach had narrowed to where one had to virtually walk right in front of everyone else. As she walked down the beach in that sexy way it was very clear to me what she was doing. She could have laid out anywhere along the one mile stretch of beach, most of which is clothed. Instead she chose the one spot where the most nude men were laying and then proceeded to walk back and forth right in front of them shaking her ass looking so fucking hot. But this way their cocks would be on visible for her and she could see how aroused she was making them.

It was the ultimate prick tease. The guys couldn't hide their excitement as she walked by. They laid on their backs watching her walk by with their dicks presented on display for her to see like a drill sargent down the line checking out the troops. As she walked down the beach she could view up close the penises, balls and naked asses of every single guy at the beach knowing how much we all desired her. She was definitely enjoying it as were the rest of us. As she walked by the guy with the hard on I noticed her steal a glance down at his erect penis. As she past a definite smirk appeared on her face.

Of course, the more I thought of this the more aroused I got. As she was returning I watched her and knowing she would soon be within a few feet of me as I laid there naked on my back got me excited. My cock started to stiffen and was hovering above my balls. In an attempt to make it less conspicuous I moved my penis pointing it over to the side, with my legs slightly spread. Such a position allows her to see the entire balls as well as the penis. As she walked by her eyes gravitated to my dick. It was a nonchalant quick glimpse, but a definite intense inspection by her. I smiled warmly and said hello, and she smiled and said hi. That was it, she kept walking.

After she got to her towel she packed up immediately. It seemed she wanted to walk up and down the beach once and get a close look at all of us naked guys before she left. I loved her for doing it as it gave all of us a thrill, which Iām sure she knew. I never saw her again.


Getting Educated

Story by Rhonda

I'm one of those girls that will admit to enjoying seeing a good looking guy naked, and have gone with my other girl friends to nude beaches for this very reason. I was in my late teens when I had my first experience at a nude beach when two girl friends and I went to a beach near Palos Verdes in California called "Sacred Beach". It was a warm sunny day and none of us had been to one before. When we got there we were delighted to see so many young, muscular guys walking around in the buff. We threw our towels in an area where there were a lot of guys, and many had great bods. What struck us was that most of the beach goers were male, and with the exception of two older couples, the few girls there had left their suits on. But every single guy was completely naked, which we was definite eye candy for us at such a young age.

We never took off our bathing suits as it made us feel a little more protected in that environment, and in our young and eager way it was like saying to the boys our age that were naked "Ha - we can see you but you can't see us!". And we decided early on to flirt with these guys and get some attention.

It wasn't too hard as my two friends had good figures, and although slightly more "healthy", I've always been attractively curvaceous. We laid right in front of the portion of the beach where there is a lot of traffic and there were tons of guys walking back and forth right in front of us stark naked. It was at an area where the beach path came directly towards us then sharply curved to the right just in front of us. This way the men would be walking straight toward us until almost upon our towels then turn, and correspondingly they'd be walking away from us as they walked the opposite direction. Sitting there they'd come walking upon us with their dicks at our eye level giving us the perfect opportunity to check each guy out without looking obvious. It was as though we were in the shower room in a man's gym and we really enjoyed it.

For us, it was an education because I had just turned 18 and had seen very little in the way of male genitalia. The variation in penis sizes and shapes was interesting but what also caught my attention was the differences in the guys' balls. Some of the guys had tight little scrotums where others were large and you could see their two balls swaying as the walked by us. At one point a naked man about 35 walked by and started to talk to us, standing right in front of our towels. He was well built and his cock, which was dangling at eye level right in front of us, drew our stares because his penis was very large and thick. Even though we were wearing sunglasses, it must have been obvious to him that our attention was on his dick and not him as we made small talk with him. It gave me the opportunity to closely observe his penis, which was circumcised, and I particularly enjoyed studying the crown on the head of his penis which reminded me of a little helmet on the end of his weenie. Because we were sitting and he was standing I could easily see the very tip and the penis hole. It was then I noticed a clear sticky fluid oozing out of his penis hole, giving me my first up-close look at precum. His dick then started to throb a bit and stiffen, which confirmed to me that he was not only enjoying being exposed to us, but it was getting him a bit aroused. When he finally walked off we burst into laughter and confirmed we were all seeing the same thing, and how much we loved it!

And we would smile whenever a cute guy walked by nude as it would often end up the same way; that is him standing exposed right in front of us as though he were lining up for a close inspection, which was pretty much the case. Eventually, we had several nude guys laying around us. Not all were young and good looking, but it was quite fun in any case. We went back a couple of more times until I met my boyfriend, who didn't want me to go anymore. Itās been a long time, but certainly remember those great times well.


Femdoms with Naked Men

Young fellow messes with the wrong girls

Story by Asturias (taken from a BDSM article)

Hi, I'm Asturias. I am a dominatrix and thought I would share with you my first true bondage and humiliation experience.  It is one I enjoyed so immensely it started me pursuing this erotic fetish.    It might be seen as abusive, but knowing the background should help explain why we did what we did.

I'm 32 yrs. old, live in the Midwest, just split up with my boyfriend of three years. I've had a fetish for dominance over men I think almost all my life. I particularly enjoy exposing and humiliating men in front of is the witnessing by many that arouses me and I particularly love the smiles and laughters of the onlookers (especially women) of my subjects naked humiliation. I have many stories to tell, beginning with my first encounter when I was a child. I'm not into stories involving children and don't believe they should be told, but for me my first experience was so great at the time that it sent me on a sexual pathway for most of my life manifesting in a multitude of ways.

When I was in my adolescence there was a boy in our neighborhood, Sam, that was a jerk. He teased, threw things at us, would come and disrupt our games and taunted us. Despite his mischievousness, he was cute, but that didn't stop us from verbally thrashing him, and he deserved it. He had done some pretty obnoxious things, and he had pulled up my dress in front of a group of people. It pissed me off like you wouldn't believe, but boys often do such things and they don't warrant retribution like we delivered.  And I've never been a snitch, I just get even. 

However, things changed when we learned he had fondled the younger sister of one of my friends against her will. The girls were about to tell their parents when an idea struck me. He was always offering to "show me his if I'd show him mine" and I always refused but the offer kept coming. I discussed it with the other girls and they liked it. There were four of us at the time discussing it, but that wasn't good enough. I told the girls to bring some of their girlfriends that Saturday to a wooded about about 1/2 a mile away and hide out near an abandoned truck we knew about.

We used to play a game called Captain Hook when younger, where we'd play pirates and tie up captives and taunt them, but had long since out grown the game. But Sammy had played with us once before and knew the game. I met up with Sammy and told him I secretly wanted to see him drop his pants, and would do the same in exchange. He was very eager and we went into the wooded lot. We arrived at an old tree with a thick low overhanging branch which we were standing under. By "coincidence" there happened to be two ropes tied to the branch.  I commented that the kids must still be playing that silly game.  They were really no more than cotton clothes lines, but the good thing was that once securely tied around the wrists they were impossible to get loose from. It was near an old abandoned truck....behind which the other girls quietly waited.

He insisted I show him mine first, but I told him I didn't want to do it anymore. He said I was a chicken, and I said I was just scarred he'd tell others. He swore he wouldn't and then offered to go first. I said I didn't want to see it. He was getting frustrated by the tease, and I finally said, "O.K., but I'd like to do it a little differently, and I smiled looking at the ropes. I'd like to play Captain Hook. You take off your pants and I tie you up making you my naked prisoner.  Then, I'll do the same for you and let you tie me up naked". I thought he'd figure it out, but the poor fool eagerly jumped at it. This is where I digress about this experience. In my life it is a repetitive theme with guys, with the right manipulation, you can get them to do a lot of things. My physique is slender and when I flash my baby blues, I can get away with so much. This was my first experience and it worked beautifully.

He had on a t-shirt and short pants. The shirt was older, had shrunk and didn't quite reach his belt line, which was perfect. He was facing me with his back to the truck. I asked him how long I would be tied up naked and acted very concerned, he said, " about 10 minutes". Of course, I knew if I did it would be excruciatingly longer than that! I then said "but do I have to be completely naked?" and he said "Yep, that's the rules". I acted very nervous, but then smiled and said, "O.K., but you first".

He agreed. Then standing facing me he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them. I reached for them and he handed them to me. He then said "Tie me up".   I said, "No!, first remove your underwear too."  He said sluggishly, "Alright", then with a wry smile, he pulled down his briefs. It was the first time I had ever seen a penis with hair above it, and he looked to be advanced in development, to the point where it was no different than looking at a grown man's dick. . He seemed happy I took a great interest in his exposed cock. He had only taken of his shorts and briefs, but had left on his tennis shoes and t-shirt. With that he said "O.K., tie me up". I securely tied each wrist such that his arms were extended out to each side laying him spread open. I then told him to spread his legs wider and proceeded to tie one ankle with rope that had been "conveniently" left there to the base of the tree, and the other to some thick branches on a shrub. I now had him naked from the waist down and spread wide. I then stepped back to take a good look again at his dick. It started to stiffen reflecting his anticipation, and was the first time for me to witness this. He said I could touch it, and I said "not yet...". At this moment he had voluntarily taken off his pants and underwear and then asked me to tie him up and touch him, and from behind the truck the seven girls had heard and witnessed this. It was perfect because he couldn't complain to anyone that he was forced to do a damn was his idea, and he was instructing me all along the way.

He asked if he could touch me when I was naked and tied up, and I said "Uh huh, you can touch me anywhere you want." He asked if he could stick his finger up my pussy and I said I had never had that done by a boy, and would love to know what it felt like, and told him he definitely could as I would like it very much.   My plan was working, I was prick teasing him and he was getting very horny and his penis was growing harder. I then started to flirtatiously play with the buttons on my blouse giving him that smile I know gets me what I want from guys. It took no time for him to succumb to my prick teasing and a moment later he was completely hard and fully erect, and I looked at his hard shaft and smiled in anticipation of what was about to happen.

That was my cue!

I shouted the words, "It's time!" and the girls came running up from around the truck. He heard them coming but couldn't see what was happening. As they came around he had a horrified look on his face with instant recognition of the trick I had played on him. "You tricked me bitch!" I just laughed and said "Uh huh, sure did! Na na na, I'd never let you see me naked, but all the girls of the neighborhood can see you naked!". He started to yell out of anger and embarrassment, but no one was around to hear except us girls. And He was using every explicative he could think of. I said "Yell louder, maybe some of your buddies are nearby and could come watch and make fun of you with us!" His voice grew soft and low after that. The last thing he wanted was to have the whole neighborhood come running and discover him in this in which he put himself in! And it was quite a site, he had his tennis shoes and socks on, a t-shirt, but naked at his waist and fully was awkward looking which is why I loved it so much.

The girls eyes were gravitated to his erect dick. I drew attention to it and said "OK girls, look at that dick! What do you think of Sammy's boner?" and we all burst out laughing. He squirmed and pulled and tried to position his legs to somehow cover himself, but it was impossible. And we just watched his erect penis and balls just bounce and bob from side to side as we howled, and the more we watched his dick flop around as he squirmed, the more we laughed. I said, "There ya go...make that dick dance for us!" and almost by reflex he squirmed as we continued to watch the "dancing dick" laughing. It was hilarious. Finally recognizing his squirming was adding to our delight he stopped and just stood there threatening us.

I told the girls to sit down, somewhat making us an audience in front of him. One of the responses from the girls was "I like this view, with his penis being hard it is lifted up so we can see all of his balls". We agreed and took in the view from that angle. I said to the girls, "Look at that erect penis and the head on the end, look at those balls..whoa!". We ignored his threats and took a few seconds to check out his cock and balls.  During that moment I was relishing in his humiliation, and learned how much I liked it. His dick was pretty damned developed as I said, and some of the girls had never seen a dick before (developed that is) and it was a great opportunity for them.

Then one of the girls said "wow, look at's wet around his penis hole!" Our eyes locked on the the tip of his penis right when a glob of clear sticky fluid oozed out of the hole, no doubt caused by his un-answered erection. One of the girls said "OH MY GOD!" and we all were silent a moment as a big drop formed and dripped to the ground leaving a long strand still stuck to his penis hole. We had never seen precum although I had discussed it with my older sister. I said "Whoa! It's precum!" It was obvious some of the girls didn't fully understand and one asked "Is he cumming?" I explained what it was and said "that is his sperm coming out", and we all laughed with delight. "Wow, Sammy's sperming!" one said, which although was not the correct term, it was still technically correct.  So we sat and watched Sammy's dick "sperm".

We were drawing a lot more attention to his cock than what the moment warranted as it was obvious he was extremely embarrassed by it.  One of the girls noted how while he was erect you could see each ball in his ball sack. Then, the girl who's little sister had been groped by him stood up and said "Man, I'd love to kick those balls!" and made a kicking motion with her foot stopping right at his balls with the bare skin the top of her foot touching the bottom of his scrotum. His legs being tied wide open presented his balls to her for a very easy target. Laughing loudly the girls said "Do it! Kick him in the balls! That will teach him!" I never thought she would have, but she stepped out of her sandal, reeled back and swiftly kicked him directly in the balls, hard. He moaned in pain and to my delight the girls all laughed with enjoyment. Over the years I've several opportunities to kick a naked man in the balls in front of others...for those women that are into humiliating a man, it is a wonderful experience and think they should all witness.

This all took place in the first couple of minutes and the kick of course made his penis drop like a lead balloon. But of course the girls commented on seeing it go flaccid. One of the girls didn't even know he was circumcised (she was younger) so I explained he was and how you could tell. I pointed out the head of his penis and that it being prominently displayed like that was how you could tell. One girl made a comment that his penis looked like a little soldier with a helmet, another said it looked my like a bishop off a chess board. It was such fun.

He threatened to tell our parents, but I told him that he'd be the one in trouble as he had fondled my friend's little sister. I also reminded him that he was the one that suggested we do this, he was the one that took off his pants, he was the one that told me to tie him up and that he was the one that got sexually excited. I also said it would make great conversation between our parents, which of course would lead to everyone knowing. But if he was a good boy, and didn't give us a hard time, we *might* just keep it a secret.

Then we stood and walked behind him looking at his naked butt making more jokes and taunting him. The girls giggled some more. He asked to be untied, but I refused. I said we were going to have one of our "girly" meetings, and afterwards we might untie him. We again sat in front of him and started to talk about the things girls do at that age.

We'd look at him every couple of minutes laughing, taking it all in and how awkward he looked. We even pulled up his socks to his knees making him look even more geeky. There he was, tied up with socks to his knees, tennis shoes, t_shirt and bottomless naked with his dick dangling. It was so awkward looking, and so hilarious, and he was unable to do a thing but just stand there letting us look at him and laugh.

We discussed what we'd do with him and how we'd handle it. We reached an agreement. But I wanted to negotiate a bit further. It was too much fun having this naked boy standing there in front of us with cum dripping off his now flaccid penis and balls on full display for us to look at while we debated with him...he was so compromised and it was such an erotic moment of my control over a naked and humiliated male. And having him naked and humiliated in front of a group of females like this was icing on the cake.

Finally, I got up and said "Listen, you've always been mean to us and you deserved this. No doubt your buddies will laugh their asses off if we tell them and you'd like a complete fool. We'll keep this quiet and provided you not bother us and not tell others what happened. If you agree, and promise to leave us alone I'll untie you now, but you MUST agree not to try and get even." I also reminded him that the girl he had fondled had an older brother who was on the high school football team and would kick his butt if we told him about it. He of course agreed and I and another girl untied him. He ran over, grabbed his pants, put them on and yelled "You are all fucking bitches" and left.

We kept our word (well, as far as he was concerned) and didn't tell any of the guys (heck, how can you NOT tell your girlfriends a story like this?). He would glare menacingly at us when we saw him, but never did anything and we avoided each other. Fortunately, his father was transferred to another state a few months later, and we never heard from him again.

That was my first experience, and still one of the best as it started something in my I've enjoyed for many years.



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